Fort Dodge Community School District

How to Apply to the Fort Dodge Community School District

To the applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the Fort Dodge Community School District.  To become an active candidate for a position in the District, you must submit a completed application form.  An official application form can be found on the link provided below:

General Application (Word)     General Application (PDF) - Use for the following:

Teacher Associate, Secretary/Clerical, Custodial/Maintenance, Bus Driver, Substitute Teacher Associate, Case Managers, Behavior Interventionists, Sign Language Interpreter, and Technology Staff

Teacher, Nurse Application

Coaching Application

Administrator Application

Substitute Teacher Application

You will need to print the appropriate application form off, complete it, and send it in.  If you are unable to access the application on line, contact the Fort Dodge Community Schools' Human Resource office at (515) 574-5653 or (515) 574-5657 or e-mail us at

 Application Procedure:

  • Submit a cover letter identifying the position(s) in which you are interested

  • Submit a completed application form

  • Submit your placement file or credentials

  • Submit your college transcripts

  • Submit your teaching license and evidence of any endorsements or other certification

  • Submit your resume and any additional materials in support of your candidacy to:

Human Resources Office
Fort Dodge Community School District
104 South 17th Street
Fort Dodge, IA  50501
FAX:  515-574-5717

Selection Process:

  1. Initial Screening
    This process is a review of all materials submitted compared to the requirements of the vacant position.  The applicant pool is identified based on the qualifications provided.  Ordinarily an interview will not be conducted until the application file is complete.

  2. Interview
    Anywhere from 1 to 10 applicants may be asked to come into the district for an interview.  The interview team will consist of the supervisor/administrator responsible for this individual, a central office administrator, and usually several employees who will work with this individual.  Occasionally students and/or parents may also participate.  Candidates may also be asked to perform an activity that would be expected on the job (ie: walk the team through a lesson or unit, respond to how he/she might react to hypothetical situations, etc.).

    During the interview process, the candidate will also have an opportunity to ask the interview team questions.

  3. Selection
    Selection will be based on qualifications of the candidates interviewed.  The District will make multiple reference checks on each potentially successful candidate and follow through with a background check.

  4. Follow-up
    All applicants interviewed will receive either a phone call or a letter of response.  Finalists will be offered a contract.  The successful candidate will be moved forward for approval by the Board of Education at their next regularly scheduled meeting.  After Board action, all other applicants will be notified by letter that the position has been filled.  All applicants will remain on file for one year.

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