Fort Dodge Community School District

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Medication Guidelines

The use of specific, necessary medications during school hours will allow students to remain in school and will facilitate a level of well being that will enhance student participation in the classroom.

  • All medication, prescription and over-the-counter medication, will be administered only if the parent has signed a medication permission form. (Either the medication permission form for temporary, as needed, or daily mediation or the general health form that lists over-the-counter medication)

  • All prescribed medication must be in a properly labeled pharmacy bottle. 

  • All over-the-counter medication must be in the original packaging.

  • Medication must be delivered to school by the parent/guardian. Children should not transport any medication to or from school. 

  • All medication orders expire at the end of the school year. 

  • Medications must be picked up at the end of the school year. Any remaining medication will be discarded appropriately.

  • Frequent use of over-the-counter medication is discouraged. If a student should require more than 10 doses of OTC medication during the school year, a doctor’s order will be required.

  • All medication must be kept in the nurse’s office at school. Students who need to carry an inhaler in school must present a permission form signed by a physician to the school nurse.

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