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Posted on 11/13/2014 at 12:31 PM by Jeremy Pearson

Late last year, the FDCSD Board of Education increased our allotment of Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) dollars for technology.  With these new dollars, I worked with Stacey Cole, our Director of Educational Services, on how to best get these into the hands of students and teachers who would make the most of them.  While these additional dollars were a great addition, it was not enough money to solve all of our device access issues at one time.  In order to find the best use for these dollars, we created a "technology proposal" project in which groups of teachers could apply to receive new devices from these funds.  We had 29 proposals submitted that included 52 teachers.  Along with Stacey and myself, we took advantage of Aaron Schmidt and Kirsten Doebel, our new technology integration coordinators, to score and award the proposals.  We were able to fund 12 proposals that included 30 teachers.  

Mrs. Reisner is a 2nd grade teacher at Butler Elementary.  She received 15 android tablets to be used in her classroom.  The tablets have been in her classroom for two months now, and she has always allowed me to sneak in to check on how things are going.  She was kind enough to share this information below with me, to celebrate a great success we've had.

What are your top apps used in your classroom?

You have more kids in your classroom than you have tablets, how do you possibly make that work?
Sometimes the students have a partner, and at the most there are two students working on one tablet.  I partner them by ability, sometimes high and low.  It's amazing how they learn together!

How much money have you spent on apps so far?
I've only used the free apps so far, and they're working!   A couple times one or two tablets are slower, but no biggie!  They move to work with someone else on their own.

How the tablets are making a difference in your classroom?
The students LOVED researching our spider unit on the tablets!   They love to video themselves reading too, listening to fluency!

Mrs. Reisner has been great in dealing with these new pieces of technology, and her kids really enjoy using them.  Contact Mrs. Reisner should you have any specific questions for her.  Otherwise, please use the comments below for general questions.

To all of our Dodger teachers, please contact me with any technology success stories you've been having in your classroom, so we can highlight those things going on around the district!  Also, if there are other things regarding technology you'd like to hear about, just let me know.  I'll write about anything you'd like to hear about, just let me know!  Contact me directly!

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