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All FD Schools will start 2 hours late Friday, January 21

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Bus Drivers:  Welcome to Fort Dodge Senior High!  We appreciate your time and support of our youth and their involvement in IHSSA and the fine arts!  We hope that your trip here is just as enjoyable as it will be for our students, coaches, and families.

Click here to see Parking Map for dropping off students at Fort Dodge Senior High.  Please do not park buses in our east parking lot.  Our middle school is just a couple blocks directly east of the high school.  Please park buses there while students are competing.

Also, please know that we value you and want you to come to our contest.  While there is suggested donation at the door for those entering contest, just informed them that you are a bus driver.  Do not feel obligated to pay / donate as we want you to be our special guests for the day.  There will be a "bus drivers" lounge for you next to the main office.  So, please come in and enjoy performance, snacks and drinks in the bus driver's lounge, and the spirit of IHSSA contest!

If you do venture into a performance area, please be aware of our "Performance Etiquette" expectations.

Have a great day with us here at Fort Dodge Senior High!


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