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We are excited to host District Speech contest on February 23th.  Here are some notes so you are informed on various logistical aspects of the day.

>Please read 'Parking Information' to see about student drop off areas.  Please instruct your bus drivers to park buses at our middle school 2 blocks east of the high school.  We have limited parking and will want our parking available for family and friends.  If buses park in our parking lot, you will be contacted to have the bus moved.  Please share this information with your bus driver.

>No parking or unloading students on the west side of the building.  All drop offs are on the East Side of the building.

>Students will be able to "camp out" in the LARGE gym in the middle of our school.  Please have them pick up after themselves and clean your camp area before leaving for the day.  We appreciate your cooperation in this.  

>Performance ratings will be posted in the student lounge area on the west side of the bldg and on our this website!

>The day of contest, please check in at the Tab Room (Main Office- see map) to make sure we have everything we need and to know your performers will be able to perform at the time designated.  If you have any special needs in terms of equipment or for students, please email prior to contest at  THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN SPECIAL REQUESTS which MUST go to the state office to Craig Ihnen. 

>There will be a couple warm-up rooms labeled at contest.  Please have an adult supervise your students in the warm-up rooms.

>Please remind students and parents to be quiet in the hallways.  This is always a concern at contest.

>Remember to bring your ballots.  You can get an extra ballot in the main office for $1.00 / ballot.

>Please stay and dine in our cafeteria during the day.  We have many great vendors to use!

>Please read through (and have your parents and students read through) our "Performance Etiquette" form and be a good fine arts spectator.  Remember, this is not an athletic event.

>Please make sure parents understand that they are not allowed to address judges or the office.  If they have concerns, please have them see you, their child's speech coach.

>In case of inclement weather, the State Contest make-up date will be Tuesday, February 26, 2019 from 4:00pm-10:00pm.  No comments will be provided.

>Have fun.  Remember that we are the adults-- our students will look to us as role models.  How we handle disappointment and victory will be emulated by our students.  Don't hesitate to come to the main office for concerns / questions, but please do not allow your emotions dictate how your react in performances and / or when ratings are posted.

>THANK YOU for supporting your child and IHSSA!


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