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District Mission, Vision, Goals, Beliefs & Values


The mission of the Fort Dodge Community School District is to provide quality learning experiences and build relationships that develop productive citizens ready for their futures.


The Fort Dodge Community School District is an innovative school community that exceeds expectations, builds meaningful relationships and creates the foundation for all learners to excel.

Core Beliefs:

Respect: Acknowledging the worth of someone or something; while showing appreciation of and regard for the differences in viewpoints, personalities and perspectives of others

Integrity: Quality of being honest, having and acting on strong moral principles to help establish the complete person, our behavior matches our words and values

Excellence: Striving for perfection through continuous growth, having quality in everything we do

Empathy: Actively recognize, validate and connect ourselves to the feelings and experiences of others


  1. All students will perform at or above grade level
  2. Achievement gaps among all students groups will be eliminated
  3. All students will graduate ready for college, career and life in a globally competitive economy
  4. All schools will meet or exceed state accountability standards, and the district will meet federal standards and exceed state standards
  5. Every child feels he/she has a safe, meaningful relationship with an adult in the school system who they can go to for guidance and support
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