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Dodger Academy Discipline Policy and Behavior Contract

The following behaviors will not be permitted:

  • hitting, kicking, spitting, biting or any kind of fighting or assualt
  • vandalism or willful damage of school, staff or student property
  • theft
  • failure to do what is requested by staff
  • profanity/abusive language, disrespectful, demeaning or threatening words or actions toward another person
  • possession of a weapon
  • smoking, possession of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
  • throwing objects not meant to be thrown
  • general misconduct, including loud or boisterous behavior that disturbs other students - this includes running the halls/classrooms, defacement of property and pushing/shoving

The discipline procedure is as follows:

  1. The first referral will result in a conference among the staff, program coordinator and the child. Staff will write an incident report explaining the disruptive behavior and the action that was taken to try and stop it. A verbal contract will be reached with the child and the parent/guardian will be informed about the incident and agreement. Anytime an incident report is written, a copy will be provided to the parent/guardian, the child's teacher and the school principal.
  2. Upon the second referral, the program coordinator will call the parent/guardian. The behavior of the child will be discussed and the parent/guardian will be asked to participate in resolving the problem. 
  3. If a third referral is necessary, the parent/guardian will be called by the program coordinator and a conference will be scheduled. Depending on the severity of the situation the child may or may not be allowed to remain in the program until the conference is held and a decision is reached. 
  4. After the conference, the program coordinator and school principal will determine whether or not the child's behavior will result in exclusion from Dodger Academy.
  5. If a child is excluded from Dodger Academy, he/she may be considered for re-enrollment. 

Behavior Contract: Dodger Academy is a means of providing additional education support and opportunities to students beyond the normal school day. Therefore, it must be recognized that inappropriate behavior by the students does not promote a favorable learning environment and will not be tolerated. I therefore agree:

  1. I want to participate in Dodger Academy.
  2. I will be respectful to all of my instructors, adult and student volunteers and parent volunteers and will follow their directions.
  3. I will show consideration for others by using appropriate voice levels, good listening, keeping my hands to myself, and using respectful language and gestures.
  4. I will show pride in our school by keeping the school grounds, library, cafeteria, gym, restrooms and classrooms free of litter and cleaning up after myself.
  5. I will protect and take care of any and all supplies.
  6. I will not touch or disturb anything in our designated classroom spaces.
  7. I will build up others and not tear them down. I will not use put downs, gossip or exclude others.
  8. I will come to Dodger Academy prepared by bringing my homework and all the resources need to complete my homework, and I will bring tennis shoes with me every day for recreation time.
  9. During Power Hour, I will work quietly to complete my work and provide other students with the same opportunity. If my work is finished before enrichment time, I will work quietly on the other activities provided.

I agree to follow the rules of Dodger Academy and am aware of the consequences if I choose not to follow the rules.

Student Signature and Date:

I have gone over the Discipline Policy and Behavior Contract will my child and agree to support Dodger Academy staff within these stated guidelines.

Parent/Guardian Signature and Date:

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