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Two girls coloring at lunchroom tableGoals & Objectives: Dodger Academy is a comprehensive academic enrichment program which serves TK through 5th grade students from around the district after the regular school day. The primary mission of the program is to provide a safe after school program supporting working families, emphasizing the improvement of math and reading scores and encouraging student success.

Our goals are:

  • Students demonstrate reasonable progress in math when attending our program at least 50% of the time
  • Students demonstrate reasonable progress in reading when attending our program at least 50% of the time
  • Students who attend our program will have better attendance throughout the school year
  • The staff within Dodger Academy will build the capacity of families to support their children's learning outside the school setting
  • Social-emotional learning will be addressed for all students attending Dodger Academy through integrated literacy and SEL curriculum

Typical Day: A typical day consists of a snack provided by the USDA, the Power Hour and enrichment activities. During Power Hour students receive additional practice on reading, math, writing and social skills. All activities are research based and linked to what the students are learning during the regular school day. Students also participate in a variety of academic, enrichment, cultural and recreational activities. Many of these activities are provided in collaboration with our community partners. 

Program Outcomes: Test scores show that Dodger Academy has made a difference in student achievement. Based on data from the ISASP and FAST assessments, Dodger Academy students continue to make progress in reading and math. Students who are enrolled in Dodger Academy are more likely to have less absences during the school day as the students are wanting to attend the program after school.

Based on our outcome data, the program has been successful both in raising the academic bar for students and in supporting working families in our community. The enrichment activities give students access to experiences they might not otherwise have, building the background knowledge they bring to their learning.

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