Fort Dodge Community School District

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Students lined up in school gym

Meet the Dodger Academy Staff

Ashley Canto - Director

Dodger Academy Partners

Ann M. Smeltzer Charitable Trust, Catherine Vincent Deardorf Foundation, Daybreak Rotary, Department of Human Services, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Fort Dodge Community Foundation & United Way, Fort Dodge Community School District, Fort Dodge Noon Kiwanis, Fort Dodge Parks, Recreation & Forestry, Golden K Kiwanis, Noon Rotary

Dodger Academy Volunteer Organizations

Boy Scouts, CJ Bio America, Community and Family Resources, Fort Dodge Kennel Club, Girl Scouts, Webster County Conservation, Webster County Public Health Deparment

PHOTO: The Iowa Central Community College Martial Arts Team taught 3 sessions of Tae Kwon Do to students last year and plan to volunteer in this capacity again during the coming school year!

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