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District Blog: A Missed School Day is a Missed Opportunity

By: Marcy Harms, Director of Student Services Every parent wants their child to be successful in school. And every parent plays a critical role in helping their child achieve academic success. Make every day count for your child by boosting his/her school attendance. Being absent for just two days every...
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Teacher Leadership Taking Shape in Fort Dodge - from The Messenger

By BRANDON L. SUMMERS Teacher leadership is taking shape in Fort Dodge schools. Serving as program facilitators this year are Maria Lehman, for all Fort Dodge elementary schools, Kirsten Doebel at Fort Dodge Middle School, and Allison Emery at Fort Dodge Senior High. Program facilitators are responsible for overseeing all...
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BRIDGES in Need of Mentors - from The Messenger

By BRANDON L. SUMMERS BRIDGES needs mentors. The Fort Dodge Community School District program connects youths with supportive adults. "A mentor serves as a role model and a friend," Corey Moody, mentoring coordinator, said. BRIDGES is now in its 20th year. "We started in 1996," Moody said, "so we've been...
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Dodger Season: FDCSD Begins Year - from The Messenger

By BRANDON L. SUMMERS Fort Dodge community schools began classes Monday amid ongoing challenges. Duncombe Elementary's students won't begin classes until Sept. 8. The elementary was closed three weeks ago due to structural concerns. The former Fair Oaks Middle School is being readied to host Duncombe's students and staff for...
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District Blog: It's Going to Be an Exiting Year at the FDCSD

By: Dr. Doug Van Zyl, Superintendent The 2015-2016 school year is upon us, and a lot has happen since we said goodbye to last school year. Some of it was planned and expected and some of it was not. The great news is that with each situation great new possibilities...
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Duncombe Students Will Begin One Week Late - from The Messenger

By BRANDON L. SUMMERS Duncombe Elementary students will start school on Sept. 8, one week later than other Fort Dodge community schools. The former Fair Oaks Middle School is currently being cleaned to accommodate the students after the elementary building was closed due to structural concerns discovered just three weeks...
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District Blog: Back to School Events are Important Transition to New Year

Back to School Events are Important Transition to New Year By: Jennifer Lane, Director of Communications The new school year is just around the corner with classes beginning on August 31st. To assist students in starting their new year, open houses, orientations and welcome conferences have been scheduled throughout the...
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District Blog: Link Crew to Support Freshman FDSH Students

By: Kevin Astor, FDSH Assistant Principal At Fort Dodge Senior High we are excited to bring a new, nationally recognized program to our students. Link Crew will support incoming freshmen and help them have more successful year. Research and our experience here at FDSH have shown that a successful freshman...
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