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Alumni Group that brought Author to FD Schools has Donated Nearly $300K - from The Messenger

April 18, 2019

An organization of Fort Dodge Senior High School graduates made it possible for author Lisa Owens to visit local schools this week.

The Fort Dodge High School Alumni Association paid the expenses for the writer's visit. The group arranges for an author to visit the elementary schools every year.

The association is separate from the Fort Dodge Community Schools Foundation.

"The object and purpose of the organization is to give its members the opportunity to stay in touch with Fort Dodge and the Fort Dodge Community School District," said Sondra Daniel Holmstrom, a member of the group's board.

Its articles of incorporation state that members must be graduates of the "Fort Dodge Public High School."

It was established in 1998, and since then it has donated nearly $300,000 to the public schools, according to Holmstrom..

It has committed $15,767.96 to the schools for this academic year, she added.

Each year, the association funds five $1,000 scholarships for graduating seniors who are enrolling at Iowa Central Community College. The recipients of those scholarships must have at least one parent who is an alumnus of the senior high school.

The association's board consists of Tim Holmstrom (president), Dennie Friederichs (vice president), Marlene Knupp Osborne (secretary), Jack Mallaro, Ruth Forbes Yoder, John Zuerrer, Kathy Bennett Kudron, and Sondra Daniel Holmstrom.

Anyone interested in joining can contact a board member. Annual dues are $15.

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