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Cooper Kindergarteners are On the Loose with Mother Goose

October 1, 2012

Mother Goose was on the Loose with Cooper Kindergarteners

September 28, 2012, Fort Dodge, IA-  Kindergarten students at Cooper Elementary are on the loose with Mother Goose. The students hosted Nursery Rhyme Recitals to show off the phonemic awareness skills they are learning.

Each student in the three kindergarten classes chose a nursery rhyme to learn and then recited it to the audience dressed as the character in the rhyme. Characters represented at the recital included Wee Willie Winkie, Little Bo Peep, and the Star from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  

Nursery rhymes are taught as one of the first stages of phonemic awareness, the ability to hear sounds in words. Children need to be able to hear the spoken sound patterns before they can read them. 


“Nursery rhymes are a fun and familiar way to teach rhyming,” Mrs. Lehman, kindergarten teacher said. “When it comes to rhyming, students need to recognize when words rhyme and be able to generate rhyming words on their own.”


As part of the state standards, students are also expected to be able to blend sounds together. When a word is said slowly with each sound drawn out, the student should recognize and be able to state the word in its whole form. In addition, students should be able to take words apart by the sounds and the syllables. The kindergarteners demonstrated this technique by clapping out the syllables of “calculator” and “table.”


To help master these skills, a Phonemic Fun for Families folder was sent home with each student. Parents were told that the activities in the folders would help build successful readers and were encouraged to complete the activities with their kids.


Lehman explained to the parents in attendance, “The activities can be done anywhere, such as in your car or at the grocery store. Spend a few minutes each day on them, have fun with your child and watch the progress your child makes.”


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