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District Blog: American Education Week: Your WHY Makes a Difference

November 16, 2015

By Robert Hughes, Assistant Superintendent

Celebrate your WHY: November 16-20th is American Education Week. We honor all of the Fort Dodge Community School District staff members that make a difference for our students.  The 2015-16 school year began with messages about building relationships through meaningful educational engagement.  Each and every one involved in school has a "Why" related to their involvement and commitments. What is your 'Why?'

On average, children ask approximately 300 questions a day. Dr. Van Zyl shared an youtube video clip, , of three children carrying out their daily routine of inquiry. This reminds us how important it is that educators are there to respond to the students' inquisitive nature.  Teachers and associates challenge students to ask more meaningful questions, practice skills, and increase their understandings.  The relationships we build with the students are essential and do make a difference. 

Relationships stem from discussions and meaningful engagement to answer the questions. Simon Sinek presents how beginning with the 'Why' is so important. Sinek speaks about the golden circle that progresses from the center or heart of the 'Why?', to the 'How?' (process to learn) and then to the 'What?' (content knowledge), .  He emphasizes that the 'Why' defines the meaning and true commitment to growth and development.  

And don't forget E. Daryl Duff's two vocal music versions of Amazing Grace as highlighted in comedian Michael Jr.'s act, .  Michael Jr. clearly evidenced how connecting with a person's lived experience, or the context of a life situation, can enrich the commitment and meaning of production. We all possess skills and talents that we can share. 

We are extremely fortunate to have Trevor Ragan, from Train Ugly, join us this week with growth mindset presentations. He encourages each of us to believe in our self and our abilities. We can all learn, grow, and develop our skills and talents. We need to have the courage to try new things. We will get better with practice. It is acknowledged that mistakes are necessary in the educational process, but we should enjoy every moment as we realize our growth and achievement. 

American Education Week certainly is a celebration of these developmental processes and the success we carry out on a daily basis. There are so many FDCSD staff members, including bus drivers, secretaries, janitors, associates, cooks, counsellors, nurses, teachers, administrators, and numerous volunteers, that have committed to their educational 'Why?'   We greatly appreciate and celebrate your meaningful services. Happy American Education Week!


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