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District Blog: National School Bus Safety Week

October 19, 2015

By Brad Niemeyer, Director of Transportation

You see them every day. They seem to always slow down traffic. They have amber flashing lights that mysteriously turn red. Most people stop, some do not. I had the misfortune of being on a school bus in high school when someone did not stop, and it’s not a site I ever want to see again. The little boy never saw the truck coming as he walked in front of the bus. Fortunately, the boy survived and is alright.  

Safety and buses go hand in hand. Here at the FDCSD, we have a great group of drivers.  Our drivers are the first people students see on their journey to school and the last ones they see on their way home. Their job is to ensure the students get to school and home safely. Many kids don’t understand the important job the drivers have.  When the driver constantly has to tell students to sit here, don’t move around, don’t throw things, etc. it can get pretty distracting. Most kids listen, but some do not. These distractions to the driver can increase the risk to everyone on the bus.  Everyone needs to understand that safety comes first on the bus.  Understanding this can help lower frustrations for students, drivers and parents.

Parents can assist us by talking with their kids about appropriate bus behavior.  Please take a minute to review the PBIS expectations for riding the bus with your child. Students should be

  • Respectful by using appropriate voice levels and language and listening to the driver
  • Responsible by being on time, taking care of their things and keeping the bus clean
  • Safe by keeping their hands and feet to themselves, staying seated and walking  when getting on and off the bus
  • Kind by using good manners and treating others as the way they would want to be treated

Another way we work to keep kids safe is by conducting school bus safety and evacuation drills.  All students will participate in these drills over the next three weeks. In these drills, we will show students the importance of evacuating safely and how to do it. We will also explain to the kids the importance of riding the bus safely.

With everyone’s help we will continue to transport our kids to and from school safely.  Thank you for helping us to provide a positive environment and experience for our students who ride the bus daily or for special events. 


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