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FDCSD Announces January 2024 Students and Employee of the Month

January 22, 2024

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The Fort Dodge Community School District announces the January 2024 Students and Employee of the Month Honorees. This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school, and one high school student, as well as one staff member, monthly for exceeding expectations.

Harrison Hinds is the Elementary Student of the Month. 

Leah Gaillard nominated Harrison. In her nomination, Leah says, “Harrison excels in all academic areas and always pushes himself to know more. Harrison is a leader and role model in the building.  He is kind, funny, and has a desire to be his best self. Harrison is a great friend and loves to make people smile.”

Zoey Balm is the Middle School Student of the Month.

The 8 Blue teachers nominated Zoey. They write, “Zoey does her work, actively participates in class, if she is gone always takes the time to get caught up in class. She is polite, always has a smile on her face, she is proactive by always being on task.”

Angel Gervacio is Senior High Student of the Month.

Nicohle Murphy nominated Angel. In her nomination of Angel, Nicohle writes, “Even when things are challenging and frustrating, Angel doesn’t give up. He may need a little break, but then he goes right back to it. Angel is great at advocating for himself and will ask questions when he doesn’t understand or will say why something is confusing. This also helps his classmates open up and ask for help. Angel is a great friend. Lunchtime is his favorite because he’s able to talk to everyone and see how they’re doing. He’s making new friends all of the time with his kind attitude and it seems like everyone who passes us in the hall says “Hey Bucko!” while giving knuckles or a high five.”

Jeri Ayala-Thompson and Nicole Ahrens are the Employees of the Month.

Jen Cordle nominated Jeri and Nicole. In her nomination, Jen writes, “These two administrators have worked as a collaborative team this year to prioritize the social-emotional needs of their staff.  Instead of viewing their roles as principal and assistant principal they have taken on a co-principal approach to ensure they can support every adult leader in the building so together we can support each other and our scholars. These two understand that if the adults are having their needs met and are regulated we can better help our scholars to do the same. The culture in our building is evidence of this.”

She concludes with, “Jeri and Nicole are supporting the adult learners in the building so that we can all support each other and the scholars.  They are purposeful in their decision-making making knowing that in order to prioritize the needs of our learners we need to have our own needs met. Jeri and Nicole hold adults and students accountable while making sure we have the tools to be successful.”

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