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FDCSD Announces March 2024 Students and Employee of the Month

March 11, 2024

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The Fort Dodge Community School District announces the March 2024 Students and Employee of the Month Honorees. This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school, and one high school student, as well as one staff member, monthly for exceeding expectations.

Falak Ramzan is the Elementary Student of the Month. 

Timmi Dencklau nominated Falak. She wrote, “Falak is always a leader in the classroom. She has a genuine love of learning and wants to be academically challenged. She is an active listener and learner. She participates in our group discussions. She is always volunteering to help those around her and those who need a little help with their work.”
“Falak is a part of the 4th grade Social Justice Club at Butler. She takes her membership very seriously and shows daily that she can make a difference in our building. She is honest, empathetic, shows courage, and has integrity. Her peers want to be around her. They look up to her as a leader.”

Jemma (Jamie) Pipal is the Middle School Student of the Month.
The 7 Plum Down teachers nominated Jemma (Jamie). They wrote, “Jemma does a phenomenal job of completing classwork, utilizing class time wisely. Jemma leads by example and gets other students involved, contributes in class, answers questions, and does a phenomenal job of thinking outside the box.”
“Jemma works well with others and uses her creativity, particularly in writing and artistic work. Jemma has been a leader in getting groups gathered and persons together to help with our seasonal door time decorating. Jemma utilizes manners, but more importantly, is kind and helpful to others in explaining various assignments and concepts.”

Melani Cutino Rodriguez is the Senior High Student of the Month.

Andi Adams nominated Melani. In her nomination, Andi wrote, “Mel is an ELL student and takes such pride in her learning. We just completed a children's STEM book unit, and she wrote hers in Spanish so that she could present to elementary students who are also ELLs.”
“Mel is a student who takes pride in her education at Fort Dodge! She wants to take as many Iowa Central classes as she can, as well because she wants to be a nurse.”

Jessica Elkin is the Employee of the Month.

Kati Olson nominated Jessica by writing, “Jessica takes the time to get to know the "whole child", and has built a relationship with every student in our room. She has the ability to empathize with students when they are hurting, and yet, at the same time, continue to hold them accountable. The students know that whether they are doing well, or struggling, Jessica is always going to be there for them. Everything she does for the kids comes from the heart.”

“Jessica shows a great deal of kindness towards students and staff every day. Jessica is a constant model of good character. She is always modeling positive behaviors, showing students what is expected of every student and staff member. She not only holds the students accountable to the expectations but holds herself accountable to those same expectations.  When talking with students during times of conflict, Jessica models how to calmly and respectfully talk to each other without blaming or yelling. Jessica has that unique ability to be firm, yet loving. The students respect her, not because she is the teacher, but because she has shown them respect and has worked hard to earn their respect. Jessica shows up to work every day. She enters each day with a positive attitude and a passion for helping kids. She truly believes that each student in our classroom is capable of doing great things in this world, and so she works hard each and every day to help them realize this potential in the hopes that they will one day make a positive change in the world.”

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