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FDCSD Announces May 2024 Students and Employee of the Month

May 13, 2024

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The Fort Dodge Community School District announces the May 2024 Students and Employee of the Month Honorees. This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school, and one high school student, as well as one staff member, monthly for exceeding expectations.


Cecilia Sanchez is the Elementary Student of the Month. 

Aleah Sherman nominated Cecilia, writing, “She is always trying her best on assignments in the classroom. She works hard to become better at what she doesn't understand. Cecilia is nice to everyone in the classroom. She does her best to make sure each student is included in an activity that we are completing.”


Kinley Auten is the Middle School Student of the Month.

The 7 Plum Down team nominated Kinley. In their nomination, they wrote, “Kinley utilizes class time effectively and wisely. Kinley is not afraid to raise her hand, stay after, and communicate with her teachers to adequately and appropriately understand the material and help others out.

Kinley shows integrity by not being afraid to do what is right, even when it is not easy or fashionable. Kinley can routinely be seen with other students helping them out, asking for help herself, or contributing to positive schoolwide morale boosters, such as door decorating. Kinley is always curious and wants to do what is right, be kind to her peers, and follow expectations to improve herself and the overall experience within our school.”


Jayden Stanley is the Senior High Student of the Month.

Shawn Sande nominated Jayden, writing, “Jayden is such a hard worker. He will make sure he has all his work done before he does anything else. He is really concerned about his grades and wants to do well. Jayden is always willing to help others, especially in math. He is awesome at math. If he doesn't do well on something, he will go in and work with the teacher to help himself do better.  

Jayden is always very kind to others, and he invites others to join in. Jayden is deaf and he has been teaching me sign language. I have not been the best at it but he has been so kind. He is willing to share with everyone how to sign as students have asked. He is just an all-around wonderful young man. He talks to me every morning when he picks up his microphone to see how I am and then he does the same after school.”


Mike Pavik is the Employee of the Month.

Aaron Miller nominated Mike by writing, "At the beginning of every school year, I have a “Getting to Know You” assignment. In this assignment, routinely over half of the students when asked, "Who is your favorite teacher?" choose Mr. Pavik. Mr. Pavik embodies relationship-building with students. He truly cares about his students and lives and breathes the content. As an example of how Mr. Pavik gets students to care about his subject matter, he grows papyrus at his house for his unit on Ancient Egypt. He then uses this to show how paper was first made. These are but a few examples of how Mr. Pavik helps create buy-in and love for social studies within his classroom.    

Everyday outside of his classroom or outside of his pod you will find a man in a collared shirt, slacks, and a tie greeting, joking with and conversing with students- that man is Mr. Pavik. Mr. Pavik truly has a gift for remembering specific instances through the years of students- particularly unique or interesting facts about them. Mr. Pavik will then use these instances or facts to continuously help create that positive relationship with students.”


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