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FDCSD Names April Students and Employee of the Month

April 4, 2022

The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its students and employee of the month for April.  This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Harper Lampe is the Elementary Student of the Month. Rick Halligan nominated Lampe. Halligan said he truly appreciates how Lampe strives to get better every day with each subject. She is inquisitive and brings a lot to collaborative groups and with whole group class discussions. She also takes constructive feedback and applies it to future work. Lampe shows kindness, empathy, compassion, and respect to everyone in our class. During partner or small group work, Lampe is positive and does her best to be a good partner no matter who she is working with. She is always willing to assist others who may be struggling with a concept.  Halligan concluded by saying, “Harper works on two things that I tell my students that they need to accomplish each day. The first is to become a better person every day and the second is to become a better student. Harper definitely has taken this to heart and she exhibits kindness, friendship to all, and an unbelievable work ethic with all of her subjects.” She is the daughter of Jason and Emma Lampe.

Addie Mikesell is the Middle School Student of the Month.  Jason Lampe nominated Mikesell. Lampe said Mikesell recognizes her strengths and weaknesses and does her best to utilize her time effectively. She is good at identifying and utilizing resources that are made available to her. He shared that the first thing people notice about Mikesell is her infectious smile, saying it can brighten the gloomiest of days and it comes from one the biggest, most genuine souls at the middle school. Mikesell works extremely hard every hour of every day to be the best version of herself she can be. She is always willing to help her teachers and fellow students at a moment's notice, and is a secret agent of kindness (codename Agent Smiley McSmiley Pants). Lampe concluded by saying, “Addie has come so far and overcome many obstacles. I am so incredibly proud of the steps she has made this year and the path she has put herself on, and I cannot wait to see all the accomplishments the future has in store for her!” She is the daughter of Jennifer Mikesell.

Ethan Bloom is the Senior High Student of the Month.  Andi Adams nominated Bloom. She said Bloom is one of her hardest working students. Learning has not always come easy to Bloom, but he has never used this as a reason to not do his work; in fact, he worked to independently exit his IEP. He was so proud of himself to know that he could successfully find resources to help him with his learning. Bloom is an advocate for his own learning and even helps others with theirs. He is always helping the students at his table. He is a role model in class, and he is respectful of everyone around him. Adams concluded by saying, “The pride and honor Ethan takes in simply learning in our school district is inspirational to me, his other teachers, and the students in his classes. Ethan is the epitome of hard work and responsibility; he makes me excited every day to teach him in class.” He is the son of Frank and Kim Bloom.

Kelly Moline is the Employee of the Month. Lori Beekman nominated Moline. She said Moline is always ready to take on a difficult situation. She helps kids understand how their choices affected the situation and other people. She’s firm with the students and has high expectations, but she also makes it clear she loves them and is proud of them when they are making the right choices. She is excellent at follow-through with students, checking in on them to make sure they are on the right track. She serves as a role model for students, too. She works hard and pitches in, showing the students what hard work looks like. Moline keeps a positive attitude, even when she is tackling tough situations. She praises students when they have made improvements and worked hard. She concluded by saying, “Kelly has built amazing relationships with the kids. They have amazing respect for her, listen to her when she speaks, and they want to do right for her.” 

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