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FDCSD Names February Students and Employee of the Month

February 6, 2023

The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its Students and Employee of the Month for February.  This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Ellie Adams is the Elementary Student of the Month. Meg Hora nominated Adams. She shared that Adams is a very hard worker, listens to directions and gets started on her work right away. She puts her best effort into all her school work, is responsible for her work and helps others as needed. Adams is a kind friend to everyone. She gets along with her peers and includes everyone, making sure they have someone to play or work with.  She can be trusted to do what is right even if a teacher is not watching. Adams displays our school’s four core values- respect, integrity, empathy and leadership. Hora concluded by saying, “When Ellie is with other teachers I get compliments about how well she is doing and how she follows the expectations no matter where she is. She is a great positive leader!”  She is the daughter of Neale and Jamie Adams.

A-Mick Andes is the Middle School Student of the Month. Rachel Pettigrew nominated Andes. She shared that Andes consistently gives her best and does a great job in academics. Andes is a model student. She is bilingual and an amazing asset as a linguistic bridge to our English-speaking staff and our Chuukese-speaking students. She is patient and respectful in all she does and really pushes everyone to try their best and be their best. Pettigrew concluded by saying, “A-Mick is a hidden treasure in our school district, excelling in two languages and cultures. She has overcome incredible odds and is truly a leader of her generation.”  She is the daughter of Athree and Micky Andes.

Slade Babb is the Senior High Student of the Month. Ryan O’Leary nominated Babb. He shared that Babb is very hard working and is always on task. He is always willing to help his peers, teachers and staff members whenever and however he can. Babb has come forward to help a para who has trouble walking, pushing her to her next class in a wheelchair. His positive attitude is contagious and everyone enjoys when he stops to tell a story or share how his day is going. O’Leary concluded by saying, “Slade is the person you like to see when you are having a rough day as he will lighten the mood and make you smile. He is a friendly face in the halls and a pleasure to work.”  He is the son of Jamie Kennedy.

Barb Crooks in the Employee of the Month. Amber Rouse, Tayler Streeter and Julie Mann nominated Crooks. They shared that Crooks is always willing to help with everyone’s needs from answering questions to finding supplies to participating in assemblies. She takes the time to understand and assist with both student and staff needs. They said that while Crooks’ job is fast paced and she may get pulled in multiple directions at one time she responds with kindness and a positive attitude. They concluded by saying, “Barb manages her workload with patience, diplomacy, and a smile or laugh. She is truly a leader in our building and we all would be lost with her.” 

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