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FDCSD Names March Students and Employee of the Month

March 8, 2023

The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its Students and Employee of the Month for March.  This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Josh Klemp is the Elementary Student of the month.  Rick Halligan nominated Klemp. Halligan shared that Klemp pays attention and volunteers in class, goes the extra mile on work, and leads by example. He takes feedback and advice on how to do better on the next assignment. Klemp cares about school and gives 100 percent on all of his work. Halligan also said Klemp always steps up to help others. He shows patience, compassion, and kindness. He listens to others and gives positive praise when collaborating and keeps the group focused on the task at hand. Klemp will also do the little things at school. Numerous times he has picked up paper towels or other trash in the hallway without being asked to do so. Halligan concluded by saying, “Josh shows integrity at all times. We talk about working to become a better person and student every day and Josh has bought into this thinking. I appreciate him as a person and a student.” He is the son of Zach and Kristyn Klemp.

Kemauri Martin is the Middle School Student of the Month.  The 8 Blue Team of Nick Ford, Whitney Ford, Melissa Elsbecker, Jackie Hawley and Alex Underberg nominated Martin. They shared that Martin is always willing to contribute to class discussions. She works well with her peers and takes control of her own learning whenever possible. Martin asks questions and pushes her thinking to the next level during class. They also said she is willing to help any student with anything. This year as new students have arrived, Martin was the first one to offer to show the students around and help them feel welcome. She willingly helps out whoever and whenever needed. She has a very positive attitude. They concluded by saying, “Kemauri has exhibited behaviors that show what a true Dodger student is and does. She has a smile on her face and goes above and beyond to help others.” She is the daughter of Demetrius Martin and Timica Shivers.

Chloe Balm is the Senior High Student of the Month. Crystal Kliegl nominated Balm. Kliegl shared that while she does not have Balm in class, she witnessed her demonstrate empathy and kindness recently. Balm was incredibly thoughtful and kind-hearted with another student who had a panic attack. She quickly responded to the student and talked them through breathing techniques with a calm and loving demeanor. She reassured them after the other student was calm that the student had just done something very difficult and they should be proud of themselves. Kliegl was in the same area in case they needed her help, but Balm handled it with ease and love. Kliegl concluded by saying, “Chloe inspired the student who was having the panic attack and others who watched how she reacted to the student to be the good in the world.  She reminded me of what empathy looks and feels like.  She is a gift to the world.”  She is the daughter of Brian and Lisa Balm.

Ben Hennessy is the Employee of the Month.  Josh Porter and the high school custodial staff nominated Hennessy. They shared that Hennessy has been an all-hands-on-deck employee. Over the last month, he has been seen helping ticket takers, attending activities, rolling up wrestling mats, sweeping the gym floor, spending extra hours cleaning the greenhouse, advocating for the development of the FFA program, and always offering to help. They said that Hennessy’s growth as a teacher and transition to Fort Dodge has been very enjoyable to watch. They concluded by saying, “Ben always communicates when he needs help or when he is available to help. He is extremely kind and you see him playing with little kids at ball games and always lending a hand.” 

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