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FDCSD Names May Students and Employee of the Month

May 4, 2023

The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its Students and Employee of the Month for April.  This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Isabella Johnson is the Elementary Student of the Month. Mason Gotto nominated Johnson. Gotto said Johnson is an engaged learner and motivated to do well. She displays high quality work and encourages her peers to do the same. Johnson thinks about how she can make her work even better than it already is, and has a way to deliver constructive feedback to other students in a kind manner that elevates their work as well. She is often caught modeling sentence frames for ELL students when it is time to talk to a partner, and exhibits patience to learners who are different from her. She is respectful to her teachers as well as her peers. She is empathetic and relates to her peers on a personal level, and wants them to know she cares and is always there for them no matter the situation. Gotto concluded by saying, “In our classroom, every student feels loved, supported, and learns at high levels with Bella by their side.” She is the daughter of Matt and Abigail Johnson.

Chelsey Ramos Martin is the Middle School Student of the Month. The 8 Blue Team of Teresa Touney, Melissa Elsbecker, Alex Underberg, Nick Ford and Jackie Hawley nominated her. They said that Ramos Martin completes exemplary work, at or exceeding the quality of non-bilingual students. She is willing to ask questions privately. She is organized and conscientious of her time and work quality. Chelsey helps the other multilingual students. Ramos Martin is always smiling and has a positive attitude. They concluded by saying, “Chelsey has been consistent this year in her academics, with helping others and in her positive attitude. These attributes will take her far in life.” She is the daughter of David Ramos and Esperanza Martin.

Samantha Smith is the Senior High Student of the Month. Katie Moser nominated Smith. Moser said that Smith is involved in several activities in and out of school, yet is consistently striving for greatness in the classroom. She is a fantastic communicator, always letting teachers know when she is going to be absent, asking for extra help with assignments and for advice on what to prioritize. Moser shared she has observed Smith interacting with and including peers who she may not know very well. She is always willing to work with a group and displays leadership skills while doing so. She is willing to try new things and work outside of her comfort zone to gain new interactions and experiences. She has excellent rapport with teachers, coaches and peers alike. Moser concluded by saying, “Samantha is a quiet leader who takes responsibility for her challenges and finds solutions for problems she faces. She understands that she is entitled only to what she earns. She sets an excellent example for peers with grace, humility and a smile.” She is the daughter of Ryan and Jessica Smith.

Laurel Redmond is the Employee of the Month.  The Duncombe Elementary staff nominated Redmond. They said Redmond has worked for FDCSD for 37 years and her love for students and learning has inspired others in their work and to become educators. She has a passion for finding creative ways to instill the love of learning in students, spending countless hours over the years designing lessons and rooms that are impactful, colorful and inviting, including this year’s Bird Feeder Cafe, the 3 Piggy Opera and the Manners Tea Party.  They shared that Redmond’s smile, humor and work ethic are modeled each day for her students and the staff at Duncombe.  They concluded by saying, “Laurel has a gift of building amazing relationships with all of her students and others who work with her every day.  Her character follows our District's habit #6, Synergize. Laurel demonstrates working together to do better!”

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