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FDCSD Names May Students and Employee of the Month

May 4, 2022

The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its students and employee of the month for May.  This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Abagail Bittner is the Elementary Student of the Month. Amy Baker and Carol Patzner both nominated Bittner. They shared that Bittner has grown in all academic areas because of her perseverance and hard work.  After a frustrating start to the year, she is now enjoying school, interacting with other students, and supporting other students in their work. She is happy to show her work, explain her thinking, and even step into the role as teacher to show others. Her confidence has also grown. Bittner is a friend to all, a great listener and compassionate. She follows expectations and makes good choices throughout the day. She is happy to make a new friend, willingly sits by anyone and shows interest in others’ ideas. They concluded by saying, “Abagail has overcome her fears and grown in so many ways this year. She confidently shares her struggles and uses her voice to help others. Every challenge she overcomes, she does so with silent strength and grace and she keeps moving forward with bravery and determination.” She is the daughter of Stacey Elliott.

Ontanasha Gibbs is the Middle School Student of the Month. The 8 Blue Team nominated Gibbs. They said she goes above and beyond in her academic work. She asks questions, shows respect to her teachers in the classroom, and is entirely academically focused with goals for her future. Gibbs makes choices that benefit her learning first and foremost and displays what it means to have academic integrity in and out of the classroom. They shared that she is kind to others even when no one is watching. She is truthful, responsible, respectful, and displays a high level of communication for an 8th grade student. They concluded by saying, “Ona is a hardworking student. She is an inspiration, a leader and an example of what a Dodger should be. We want her to know how much we appreciate her.” She is the daughter of Shanaz Gibbs.

Amaris Harris is the Senior High Student of the Month. Quennel McCaleb nominated Harris. McCaleb said Harris is a hard working student. Every day he comes into school and goes to a teacher’s office or the library to study for quizzes and tests. He works with other students and studies with them so they can also be successful in the classroom. His studying has paid off as last semester he had a 3.9 GPA while taking college classes. Harris has shown good character and kindness through his early morning work with the middle school kids. He has provided positive feedback to them with a smile. McCaleb concluded by saying, “Amaris is a very hard worker, he is a leader in our community, and he cares about everyone around him. He helps underclassman on and off the court by holding them accountable and modeling the behaviors that he preaches to them. Amaris is a true example of what a Dodger is supposed to be.” He is the son of Andrea Jondle.

Bailey Baker is the Employee of the Month. Hailey Taylor, Julie Ulrich and Rachel Pettigrew all nominated Baker. They shared that Baker has become a huge part of the lives of her English Language Learner students. She has made home visits, translated for families, brought students to conferences and participated in family engagement events with them. Because she has such strong relationships with the students she is able to be honest with them and hold them accountable. Not only does she support the students, but she also supports the staff by providing language support and helping to differentiate work for students. Taylor, Ulrich and Pettigrew said Baker comes to school every day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. They concluded by saying, “Bailey is happy to be at school and happy to do her job.  She is a role model for the students she works with and wants all students to be successful. Bailey is an incredible employee and we are grateful to have her on our team.” 

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