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FDCSD Names November Students and Employee of the Month

November 8, 2022

The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its Students and Employee of the Month for November.  This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Davontrae Dungy is the Elementary Student of the Month. Jill Rasmussen and Sammy Kraft nominated Dungy. They shared that while school hasn’t always been easy for Dungy, he has shown a lot of growth in his academics and leadership. In the classroom, he tries his best, takes his work seriously, asks for help when needed and doesn’t give up. They said Dungy is a caring kid. He shows good character by following the 7 Habits and offering advice to his peers. At the end of the day, Dungy visits Kraft’s room and is an amazing role model for her students. He helps them with their academics, plays games with them and talks with them about doing the right thing and being a leader. They concluded by saying, “Davontrae isn’t the type of kids that seeks attention or even wants to be recognized. He just puts in the work because it’s the right thing to do. He truly is a great role model for the younger students.” He is the son of Jamie Soppeland.

Zoey Balm is the Middle School Student of the Month. The 7 Down Team nominated Balm. They said Balm routinely completes her work to the best of her ability. When she does not know an answer, she works to find the answer. Additionally, Balm is sure to assist others in understanding material and when she is gone for extracurriculars she checks in for any work. Balm is kind to everyone and exudes positive peer pressure in building class conversation. They concluded by saying, “Zoey is a model student. She is kind to everyone, willing to help and assist anyone.” She is the daughter of Brian and Lisa Balm.

Keyonna Douglas is the Senior High Student of the Month. Todd Constable nominated Douglas.  He said she is always on time for class and with her assignments. She works hard and always pushes herself to improve and get better.  She has a positive attitude and outlook that rubs off on others.  She is kind and willing to help anyone at any time. Constable concluded by saying, “Keyonna is always doing what is right, even when no one is looking. She holds herself to high standards and is an exceptional role model for other students.”  She is the daughter of Tamala Douglas.

Crystal Kliegl is the Employee of the Month. Staci Laird nominated Kliegl. Laird shared that people would struggle to find someone who is more “all in” than Kliegl. As a teacher, she does absolutely everything she can to help her students be successful. Laird said no one works harder to establish positive relationships with students than Kliegl. She constantly reaches out to partner with other staff members to help problem-solve student issues and get them to be productive and engaged. Last year a student said, "Ms. Kliegl told me she believed in me and would not let me fail. No one has ever said that to me before." Kliegl collaborates with her department members and her co-teacher to make sure the learning experiences in her classroom are meaningful and challenging. Laird said that as a 3rd year teacher, Kliegl has already stepped up into leadership positions. Laird concluded by saying, “Crystal is a positive force in the building. She is always smiling, has an empathetic heart for her students and cares deeply about them. She is an advocate for students.” 

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