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FDCSD Names November Students and Employee of the Month

November 3, 2015

November 3, 2015, Fort Dodge, IA-  The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its students and employee of the month for November.  This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for their outstanding accomplishments. 

Gavin Doebel is the Elementary Student of the Month.  He was nominated by Ms. Kirstie Ron.  She wrote that Doebel works hard on things in and out of the classroom, always giving 100 percent.  Academically he is always trying to find ways to grow his mind and demonstrates the ability to think outside the box including using strategies that are new to him.  Socially he always follows the four Bs and is a great role model to other students.  Recently when a new student joined the classroom, Doebel took the time to get to him and invited him to play with him and some of his friends at recess.  Ron concluded saying, “Gavin constantly displays respect to his peers and staff. He is not only kind to other students, but models for them how they can be kind to one another. Our school is lucky to have such a great role model.” He is the son of Dave and Kirsten Doebel.

Tristin Doster is the Middle School Student of the Month. She was nominated by Ms. Patty Zahm.  Zahm wrote that Doster works hard for her grades, using class time well, making sure to check in when she knows she’ll be gone, asking great clarifying questions and preparing for tests.  Zahm stated that when it comes to modeling good character and kindness Doster shines.   She is an encourager, helping students with both behavior and classwork. She often volunteers and takes on leadership roles in the classroom and other school activities.  Zahm concluded by saying, “Tristin is so well-rounded and embodies all the qualities of the six pillars of character. She is honest, fair, kind and caring toward one and all.”  She is the daughter of David and Theresa Doster.

Austin Gehlhausen is the High School Student of the Month.  He was nominated by Ms. Staci Laird. Laird wrote that Gehlhausen’s academic work is always thoughtful and he is always willing to volunteer and participate in class activities.  Bigger than his academic efforts though is the fact that he has taken it upon himself to become an ally and friend to a student who has disabilities that make social situations difficult for him.  While other students get frustrated, Gehlhausen has continually gone out of his way to be a buddy to this student, calling him his partner and volunteering to work with him in groups.  Laird stated she is proud of Austin for taking the student under his wing and that “he has gone above and beyond to make the student feel comfortable and befriended.”  He is the son of Kathy Gehlhausen and John Gehlhausen.

Cheri Ritenour is the Employee of the Month.  She was nominated by Carol Mann.  Mann indicated while Ritenour is working without a full time principal and is short on secretarial help she is still able to make the office operate smoothly. New people in the office means there is a learning curve so Ritenour is picking up extra projects and helping train the new staff.  In addition to her regular duties, Ritenour is still willing to work ball games and has become a go-between for students, parents and the school. Mann wrote, “With all the ‘extras’ on her plate, Cheri is handling the year with few complaints and still making people feel welcome at Senior High.”


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