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FDCSD Names October Students and Employee of the Month

October 2, 2018

October 1, 2018, Fort Dodge, IA-  The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its students and employees of the month for October.  This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Chloe McAvinue is our Elementary Student of the Month. Mike Zinnel nominated McAvinue. Zinnel stated McAvinue is a kind person who always has a smile on her face. She has a positive attitude and shows kindness to everyone around her. She is helpful with other students as well as staff. If a student feels left out, Zinnel shared that McAvinue will include the student and make him/her feel welcome. Zinnel can count on her to be honest and a good role model for other students on how to be respectful. McAvinue is always willing to try all of the activities in class and is a great example of good character. Zinnel concluded by saying, “Chloe has a positive impact on everyone she works with. She has been a rock star to this year off and has consistently shown her positive behaviors and characteristics over time.” She is the daughter of Dave and Rebecca Alcazar.

Leland Sassman is the Middle School Student of the Month.   Leslie Wenzel nominated Sassman. Wenzel said that while Sassman has some struggles with learning, he always works hard and never uses those struggles as an excuse to have incomplete work. He advocates for himself and is proactive in his learning when he has questions.  She said Sassman has a positive attitude, follows school expectations, stands up for his friends and offers to be partners with students who are traditionally last to be picked. She stated he has strong integrity and the highest level of respect for everyone in his class, making him a great friend. Wenzel concluded by saying, “Leland faces obstacles that only a small percentage of students face and yet he works hard, does not make excuses and demonstrates good character. He doesn’t just complete his work, he does it until it is done correctly and he does it with a smile.” He is the son of Kendra Sassman.

Onastacia Roe is the High School Student of the Month.  Amber Rouse nominated her. Rouse said that Roe is responsible and always turns her work in on time. She strives for excellence and her work advances beyond what is asked of her. Roe is in class with two foreign exchange students and goes out of her way to make both of them feel welcome and a part of the class. She smiles and is friendly with everyone. Rouse concluded by saying, “When I look at Ona I see a young lady who strives to do her best every day.  She is a wonderful role model and example of what a Dodger should be.”  Roe is the daughter of Amber Porrez and Mike Roe.

Tom Walters, paraeducator at Feelhaver Elementary, is the Employee of the Month. Nancy Cross and Brenda Angstrom both nominated him. Walter’s role at school is working with students who have behavior and/or academic goals. He works exceptionally hard to establish relationships not only with the kids he is there to directly help, but with all kids in the classroom he serves. He encourages all students to do their best and quietly makes positive comments to kids to motivate them. Walters will eat his lunch quickly so he can join the students outside for recess to ensure they are playing safely and making good choices. He evens joins in their games.  He has developed a fantastic rapport with students, so much so that many of them ask where he is if he is gone for the day. Cross concluded by saying, “Mr. Walters is an awesome role model for students. He initiates conversations about having good character and why it is important. Tom has taken the time to get to know the kids, which makes all the difference to helping them become successful.”

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