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FDCSD Names October Students and Employee of the Month

October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016, Fort Dodge, IA-  The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its students and employee of the month for October.  This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for their outstanding accomplishments. 

Knox Ayala is the Elementary Student of the Month.  He was nominated by Ms. Brooke Mosher.  She said he always does his best work in the classroom and if he is struggling with a concept he asks for help and then perseveres until he is successful.  She said Ayala is always willing to help his classmates, cares for them if they are not feeling well, and looks for ways to compromise and demonstrate team work in groups. She continued by saying he is a friend to every student in class and always shows kindness to his peers.  Ms. Mosher concluded by saying, “Knox demonstrates positive academic and good character each and every day. He is a great role model for the students in his class, and also the students in the other classes.” He is the son of Samuel and Angie Ayala.

Joey Kelley is the Middle School Student of the Month.  He was nominated by the students on the 8 Respect Team.  His classmates said he is always prepared for class and always has his work done on time demonstrating responsibility and respect.  He helps students when they need help, asks questions and perseveres when he doesn’t understand something, and is open to being partners with anyone.  They stated he is always nice to others, does the right thing and is a good role model.  They summed up their nomination of Joey by saying, “Joey is very kind to everyone, even people that he doesn’t know and always brightens others’ days.  He has so many great qualities that make him a great leader, student and friend.” He is the son of Scott Kelley.

Desiree Pineda is the High School Student of the Month. She was nominated by Ms. Courtney Simons.  She stated that Pineda is currently a member of the sophomore volleyball team and even though she does not get much playing time, she is the most uplifting and positive member of the team.  She is constantly encouraging the girls on the court by cheering for them when they do well and supporting them when they make a mistake. She is always one of the last ones cleaning up the stands after a home game or the bus after an away one. She seeks feedback and works hard every day.  Ms. Simons concluded by saying, “Desiree is one of the kindest human beings I have met and I feel like I am a more positive person when I’m around her.  She deserves to be recognized for her kind heart and encouraging attitude. She is someone who genuinely wants to make someone’s day and see them with a smile and I am grateful that I still get to see her this year.”  She is the daughter of Jose and Marlene Pineda.

Brooke Mosher is the Employee of the Month.  She was nominated by Ms. Haley Offerman.  She stated that Mosher has taken on a full inclusion co-teaching experience this year and while the year has already been filled with challenges, she has risen to meet each one with grace.  She said Mosher tackles each obstacle thrown her way to ensure that each student reaches his/her potential regardless of the general or special education label.  Offerman stated that Mosher does this with a smile and positive attitude. She concluded by writing, “As a special education teacher I am glad our paths have crossed and that I have the good fortune of working with Brooke. She allowed the students to quickly become “ours” rather than hers or mine and that’s not something that comes naturally for everyone. She displays integrity and compassion and makes everyone feel important and valued.”  Mosher is a kindergarten teacher at Duncombe Elementary.


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