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FDSH Holds Solo Ensemble Festival

April 24, 2023

Students in the Fort Dodge Senior High instrumental music department recently participated in the 2023 Solo and Ensemble Festival.  Band students were judged on 28 performances and participated in short clinics with the judges.

Abby Meyer received a Best of Center Award for her alto saxophone solo and Aaron Amhof, Brayden Schmeider, Colton Hale, Karch Smith and Val Hensley received a Best of Center Award for their trumpet ensemble.  Additional results were as follows:

Division I (Superior) Ratings:

  • Trumpet Solo – Aaron Amhof
  • Alto Saxophone Solo – Abby Meyer
  • Alto Clarinet Solo – Aliyah Henry
  • Alto Saxophone Solo – Austin Carmody (6th grade)
  • Brass Choir – Kyle Napier, Micah Flaherty, Jayden Lennon, Ethan Bloom, Bowie Sanders, Aaron Amhof, Brayden Schmeider, Colton Hale, Karch Smith, Val Hensley, Nathan Beekman, Chase Miklo, Amelia Rake and Nevaeh Calderia
  • Flute Solo – Caidryk Grady (6th grade)
  • Clarinet Choir – Aliyah Henry, Grace Tolliver, Michael Wagner, Camden Doster, Alex Masten, Grace Behrens, Drake Wertz, Nahila Bracey, Arthur Lund, Adriana Manzanilla, Maeleena Meyer and Tyran Peterman
  • Euphonium Quartet – Kyle Napier, Ethan Bloom, Jayden Lennon and Shawn Roberts
  • Alto Saxophone Solo – Grant Behrens
  • Percussion Solo – Logan Hamilton
  • Mallet Duet – Logan Hamilton and Sydney Gebers
  • Alto Saxophone Solo – Mina DeJong
  • Percussion Quartet – Sydney Gebers, Logan Hamilton, Michael Wagner and Aliyah Henry
  • Saxophone Ensemble – Abby Meyer, Britta McCollum, Aliyah Henry, Grant Behrens, Hailey Folsom and Makenna Kammerer
  • Flute Solo – Tammie Stevens
  • Snare Drum Duet – Teagan Loots and Evah Nostrom (8th graders)
  • Trumpet Ensemble – Aaron Amhof, Brayden Schmeider, Colton Hale, Karch Smith and Val Hensley
  • Woodwind Trio – Olivia Wood, Aliyah Henry and Chloe Balm

Division II (Excellent) Ratings

  • Clarinet Solo – Alex Masten
  • Oboe Solo – Chloe Balm
  • Tenor Saxophone Solo – Ella Champagne
  • Flute Choir – Grace Casciato, Reese Pederson, Hailey Folsom, Lydia Schiek, Tammie Stevens, Olivia Wood, Chloe Jensen and Chloe Balm
  • Bass Trombone Solo – Kyle Napier
  • Alto Saxophone Solo – Leif Hamilton
  • Alto Saxophone Solo – Makenna Kammerer
  • Percussion Choir – Aiden Recker, Owen Gruver, Josh Shields, Sam Salvatore, Abraham Fisher, Maddie Stephan, Sydney Gebers, Logan Hamilton, Hope Miller, Seijin Noborikawa, Madge Hensley and Aiden Russell
  • Saxophone Choir – Abby Meyer, Emily Oliver, Makenna Kammerer, Tiffany Garber, Britta McCollum, Mina DeJong, Grant Behrens, Leif Hamilton, Dom Berry, Ella Champagne, Joscelyn Kahler, Simeon Roberts, Aliyah Henry, Arthur Lund, Hailey Folsom, Tiffany Garber and Michael Wagner
  • Trombone Ensemble – Kyle Napier, Micah Flaherty, Jayden Lennon, Ethan Bloom, Owen Hamlow and Michael Miller

“The students were rewarded with strong ratings for the time and energy they put into preparing their performances,” said Al Paulson, FDSH band instructor. “They will take the feedback from the judges and use to better themselves which in turn will make our bands better, too.”

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