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FDSH Sophomore Appointed to State Advisory Council

August 4, 2011

Spotlight with Lilly Lenning: (See below...)



Lilly Lenning, sophomore at Fort Dodge Senior High, has been selected as a member of the 2011-2012 State of Iowa Advisory Council (SIYAC) by the Iowa Department of Human Rights. 

Promoting the voice of her peers, Lenning will work with policy makers to communicate and inform legislative decisions that affect youth across the state of Iowa.

Established in 2001, SIYAC consists of youth ages 14-20. Members meet quarterly in Des Moines and are expected to engage in issues and advocate on the behalf of youth development. Over the past year, some of the group’s accomplishments include:

  • Advocated on behalf of youth to the General Assembly and Governor’s Office including, but not limited to, supporting the passage of an act concerning the protection of students from concussions and other brain injuries (Section 280.13C).
  • Created a youth-led tobacco and alcohol audit toolkit that has been distributed statewide.
  • Partnered with the Department of Education’s Team Nutrition and developed posters promoting healthy nutrition choices that are being distributed to all school districts.
  • Worked with partnering organizations to: review grants provided to youth organizations, create and sustain youth-led service organizations (with the creation of a “how-to” toolkit), and participate on the Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) Planning Coalition.
  • Conducted service projects on MLK Day and GYSD including planting trees at Des Moines Public Schools.

Lenning said she hopes the experience will allow her to further her leadership skills and positively impact the lives of youth in her community.

For more information, visit the SIYAC Web site.


Spotlight with Lilly Lenning:



Q1: What grade will you be in this school year?

 I will be a sophomore.

Q2: How did you become interested in the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (SIYAC)?


                I heard about SIYAC through Mrs. Pratt, my TAG teacher/counselor.


Q3: What do you hope to accomplish as a member of SIYAC?


I really want to develop better leadership skills, and I would also like to make a big difference for the youth in my community. I get to represent over a fifth of the people in this state, so overall, I really hope to make some significant changes, especially concerning bullying and substance abuse amongst youth, by the end of my term.


Q4: Someday, do you aspire to pursue a career in government?


I hadn't really considered it until this opportunity came up, but it is definitely something I am now thinking about. There are so many opportunities within the government field to change what I believe is important.


Q5: Do you have any thoughts on what you hope to do after high school?


I definitely want to go to college, possibly Drake, and major in either government or psychology, but beyond that I still have lots of thinking to do.


Q6: How has your experience at Senior High prepared you for the future?


I have had a few teachers in particular who have inspired me to believe in myself and try to make a difference. It makes things much easier and enjoyable when I know there are staff members at school who not only support the things I am doing, but are also proud of me. Thanks to them, I will have the courage and confidence in the future to do anything I set my mind to, whether it be when I am sending in college applications or applying for a new job.



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