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Five Crowns and a Tiara - from The Messenger

April 13, 2019

girls smiling in gym

Kate Maggio got pretty excited Friday afternoon when the announcer spilled the beans during the Fort Dodge Senior High Circle of Friends Prom Coronation about who her date for tonight’s prom will be.

For the record, it’s her fellow prom court member Nolan Slininger.

They were both dressed to the nines.

Slininger wore a tux and he’d selected a red cumberbund and tie.

He’s not only excited about prom, he’s ready to cut the rug.

“I’m excited to dance with Kate,” he said.

The prom coronation was started as a student effort six years ago by the Dodger Senate to honor the senior special education students. Local business owners help by donating flowers, formal wear and other needed prom supplies.

Senior Tatem Rees, 18, is Maggio’s Circle of Friends mentor.

She was all smiles, too, as she helped with a last-minute hair adjustment before the start of the coronation.

“They get to make it their special day,” Rees said.

student putting crown on head

Maggio’s parents, Dr. Matt Maggio and Laura Maggio were on hand to watch the coronation.

They were both beaming.

“She’s been very excited,” he said. “It’s amazing, it’s genuine. The students are all onboard. The Circle of Friends is great.”

Hunter Laird, 18, was the first court member to enter the gym.

“His favorite part about being a Dodger is attending sporting events,” the announcer said.

He was escorted by his student mentor, Christopher Hatton.

Slininger and his bright red cumberbund entered second. He was escorted by Hope Anderson.

He likes the Dodger colors.

“Red and Black baby,” he said.

Braxton Klindt, 18, was the third court member to walk the red carpet through the gym with his escort, Courtney Bygness.

He has some fun hobbies.

“Outside of school he enjoys outside sword fighting training, movies with battle scenes and the Star Wars series,” the announcer said.

Hunter Strueland, 18, made court member number four.

His advice to the underclassmen was shared.

“Get good grades, don’t skip class, enjoy your high school years and make some great friends that will always be there for you no matter what,” he said.

His mentor, Olivia Pattison, escorted him in. 6 students crowned kings and queens for prom

Number five court member was Takota Crabtree, 21. He not only had his mentor, Antavion Adams, to escort him but his sister, Amber Crabtree, shared the honors.

His list of favorite things include “Chocolate, the color blue, country music and Elvis,” he said.

After the gentlemen had made their entrance, it was time for the lady who had the lone tiara waiting for her among the regal crowns.

Maggio offered some advice for the underclassmen too.

“Make lots of friends and join in, be kind to everyone and have fun every day,” she said.

Once the crowns and tiara were firmly on everyone’s heads, the announcer made it official.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said. “Our 2019 Fort Dodge Senior High Prom queen and kings.”

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