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Fort Dodge Community School District Announces February 2024 Students and Employee of the Month

February 12, 2024

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The Fort Dodge Community School District announces the February 2024 Students and Employee of the Month Honorees. This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school, and one high school student, as well as one staff member, monthly for exceeding expectations.


Natalie Trost is the Elementary Student of the Month. 

Rick Halligan nominated Natalie. In his nomination of Natalie, Rick writes, “Natalie always goes above and beyond on all assignments. She asks questions if there is something that she does not understand, and she takes feedback well while applying it to the assignment. I appreciate how she sincerely wants to improve every day. Natalie is truly kind to everyone at our school. She is respectful and always shows integrity in all the different settings at our school.”

He concludes by saying, “In my 29 years in education, I have not had many students like Natalie who always do what is right the way that Natalie does. She is truly a very kind person who comes to school with a wonderful attitude and a passion to get better every day. She consistently shows integrity, compassion for others, leadership skills, and a will to do great things that will help her to be successful in the future. She definitely represents what a Dodger should be.”


Brooklyn Lamoureux is the Middle School Student of the Month.

The 7 Plum Down teachers nominated Brooklyn. They write, “Throughout the year, Brooklyn has done an outstanding job of volunteering in class for various things- demonstrations and answers. Furthermore, when class begins Brooklyn has all of her necessary belongings out and is ready to begin learning. Brooklyn asks various questions to go into more detail on topics and routinely goes a step further on assignments. Lastly, Brooklyn is an academic leader, helping other students out, explaining assignments, topics, or overarching ideas.”

The 7 Plum Down team finishes their nomination with the following, “Brooklyn helps others out. Additionally, she is willing to work with virtually any student. Brooklyn uses manners in general but uses them to also help redirect inappropriate behavior. Brooklyn is not afraid to positively restate standards or voice her concerns. Brooklyn loves running errands for teachers, or helping out in any way.”


Ty’Darrious Jones is Senior High Student of the Month.

Adam Keny nominated Ty’Darrious because “Ty'Darrious helped keep a student safe who was having a seizure in class. He caught her head as she lost function, made sure the teacher was aware of what was happening, helped her to the ground safely, and then ran to the nurse to get assistance.”


Teresa Touney is the Employee of the Month.

The 8th Grade Teachers nominated Teresa, saying “Teresa provides personalized attention to each student's needs, strengths, and weaknesses. This may involve differentiated instruction, tailored assignments, or extra support. She serves not only as a teacher but as a mentor to students, offering guidance academically and also in personal and character development. She creates a positive and inclusive classroom culture where students feel safe, respected, and encouraged to express their opinions and ideas. Teresa maintains open and effective communication with students, parents, and colleagues to ensure everyone is well-informed and involved in the educational process. Her adaptability to the diverse needs of students and adjusting teaching methods to accommodate various learning styles and abilities are outstanding. She also instills a passion for learning by fostering curiosity, enthusiasm, and a love for knowledge in students.”

They conclude “Teresa shows genuine concern for the well-being of others and she is willing to lend a helping hand and provide support to everyone. She often gives her time, resources, or support to others without expecting anything in return. Teresa demonstrates patience, maintains a positive outlook, and focuses on the good in people and situations which contributes to a kind and uplifting atmosphere.”


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