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Get Involved in Music! Register for 5th Grade Music Classes May 24

May 21, 2012

Transitioning to middle school is an exciting time for fourth grade students. Next year, students will have the opportunity to experience enrichment opportunities in addition to core classes. One of these opportunities includes music instruction such as band, orchestra, and choir. 


On Thursday, May 24 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. an informational open house and sign up will be held for all fourth grade parents and students who have an interest in middle school band, choir, or orchestra.  The meeting will be held in the Fair Oaks gym. In order for these music classes to be included in your child’s schedule, you must attend Thursday’s meeting. All four Fair Oaks music teachers will be present to answer any questions or concerns and to provide you with important information.


Throughout the week of May 14, middle school music teachers traveled to each elementary school to give students the opportunity to try various instruments. The students received a letter with instrument recommendations based upon their interest and success during this time. Try-outs for drums will be held during Thursday’s informational meeting. This will be students’ only opportunity to try out for drums.


Participation in music ensembles offers many benefits from developing teamwork, concentration, and time management skills to improved responsibility and self-discipline. At the middle school level, students can take part in concerts, musicals, various performing groups, and instrumental music lessons, which all give them the opportunity to showcase and develop their musical abilities. Many studies also indicate that participation in music contributes to greater success in other curricular areas. Currently, 22 percent of the Fort Dodge Senior High student body participates in music. The average grade point of those 264 students is 3.24.


When all students start on their instrument at nearly the same time and early in the school year, there is the best potential for progress and success. Rieman Music will have representatives present for an instrument display on May 24. Instruments are available through their rent-to-own program. There are also a limited number of school-owned instruments available as needed.


Having students sign up for Fair Oaks music classes in May is a change from past procedures. We encourage all students to try band, choir and orchestra. Fair Oaks music teachers will work with you and your student to be as successful as possible. If you are unable to attend Thursday’s meeting but would like your child to participate, please contact one of the Fair Oaks music instructors. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Fair Oaks at 574-5691 or e-mail us with inquiries.



Fair Oaks Music Department:

Sarah Holder, Band

Tara Smith, Band

Laura Cooper, Orchestra

Marilee Kleespies, Choir



Students will not need an instrument until school begins in the fall.


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