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Joymobile Brings Learning to Life for Fort Dodge Students

October 22, 2021

October 22, 2021, Fort Dodge, IA-  Fort Dodge Community School District third graders know the importance of reading.  They read in school every day.  They recently learned that they are lucky because not all students get to read in school every day.

During their language arts lessons, the third grade students have been learning about how children around the world overcome learning challenges, one of which is limited access to books. The students are studying, researching and writing about mobile libraries around the world.

“We are learning how children get books in different locations around the world” said Sofia Blanco, Duncombe Elementary third grader. “In Zimbabwe they use donkeys to pull carts of books, in Thailand elephants carry tubs of books to villages and in Finland they use boats because there are lots of lakes.”

Recently, Fort Dodge’s own mobile library, the Joy of Reading Joymobile, visited the Fort Dodge elementary schools so the third graders could each pick a book to keep as their own. The Joymobile is a registered Little Free Library on wheels and is taken to places around the Fort Dodge community where children already are to promote literacy.

two students looking at books standing outside of van“We knew we had an opportunity to really bring this learning to life for our students through a visit from the Joymobile,” Shannon Grossnickle, third grade teacher at Duncombe, said. “The students loved picking their own books to take home and listening to them, they were having conversations connecting the Joymobile to their learning in the classroom.”

Blanco shared she thinks that it would be strange to have animals bring books to kids.   

 “I think it would be weird to have animals like cows or pigs bring books to kids here,” she said. “But, kids like me want to learn to read, and they need books to do it so mobile libraries are important no matter what they look like,” she said.  

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