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Keeping Out the Cold - from The Messenger

November 15, 2018

Students hold up plastic to cover window in apartment

While Linda Senter enjoys a spectacular view of Fort Dodge and the surrounding area from her apartment high in the Heartland Senior Living building on Central Avenue, there’s something that’s also a constant — the wind whistling around outside.

That constant wind can still find its way inside through the almost new windows of the recently renovated building.

On Wednesday afternoon, she and a number of other residents got some help from a group of Fort Dodge Senior High students and members of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program with getting ready for that cold winter air.

In Senter’s apartment, that meant applying clear plastic to several of her windows.

Tyler Glesne, 15, was among the team working on that. He began on a ladder with a bottle of cleaner to prepare the surface for the double sided tape that holds the plastic film in place.

“I like helping people,” he said. “I think it was a great idea.”

He’s helped winterize at home, he said, so he brought some experience to the job site.

“I helped my dad do this,” he said.

Jonah Fitzgerald, 16, was experiencing a bit of a problem with the double sided tape. It seemed to prefer coming off the window frame along with the backing.

“It’s the hardest part so far,” he said.

His friend Kole McMannus, 16, agreed. Student holds plastic over apartment window

“It’s the tape,” he said.

He too enjoyed helping. 

“I think it’s quality time,” he said.

The Rev. Doug Rushton was supervising the volunteer students. He’s been active with RSVP for three years.

“We’re all working together,” he said as the students kept busy. “We’re learning some cool skills and at the same time helping out people in need.”

Rushton serves as the youth pastor and assistant pastor at New Covenant Church in Fort Dodge.

“I’m for youth and helping them learn about life and doing the positive in the things they do,” he said.

As they worked, and finally got the tape to stick properly, Rushton had a question.

“Are you guys ready for the plastic yet?” he asked.

Emmanuel Hernandez, 18, had a ready answer.

“I’m ready for dinner,” he joked.

He found the work easy but the tape, less than a joy. student on ladder applying plastic to window

“It’s not difficult,” he said. “There is that one piece of tape that doesn’t want to stick. That’s annoying.”

Senter was happy to see the students and happy to have her apartment winterized.

“I’m tickled pink,” she said.

Having the group of students in her home was enjoyable for her, too.

“I love it,” she said. “Reminds me of my grandson.”

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