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Kings and Queens - from The Messenger

April 29, 2022

For Jaden Derrig being part of the prom court is something he will never forget.

Derrig and three of his Circle of Friends classmates are on Fort Dodge Senior High's prom court and will all be honored as kings and queens this morning.

"I have really come to like it here at the high school and have been made to feel so wanted, my Circle of Friends Class especially,'' Derrig said. "I am very proud to be on this prom court and will remember it forever."

Joining Derrig on the prom court will be Robin Everhart, Scott Boro and Robbie Jorgensen.

"I am just so honored to be on the prom court,'' said Robin Everhart. "I am also sad because I love school and will miss everyone.

"Circle of Friends class made me feel accepted for who I am."

For the past several years Fort Dodge Senior High School has recognized the Circle of Friends Class and made it a memorable moment for the students.

"Fort Dodge Senior High has been gracious in allowing the prom coronation to have taken place for the past several years,'' said Sarah Plagge, who is in charge of the Circle of Friends Class. "The sincere and concerted effort of our Dodger Senate has provided the means for our students with disabilities to be recognized as part of making life even better at Fort Dodge Senior High.

"This event provides positive interactions among all students and leads to an appreciation for diversity in general."

The Dodger Senate has been putting the plan together to celebrate the students.

"When it came time to plan for the prom court this year, the students on Dodger Senate were pretty adamant that we make sure we recognize these four seniors the best we could,'' said Dodger Senate advisor Lauren Winter. "They want to improve student life here at FDSH and feel that recognizing all of our students is an important aspect of that.

"Dodger Senate has been making most of the preparations for the assembly, meeting each week to ensure that we have all of the necessary roles in place and the communicating with Mrs. Plagge to make sure that the students and their escorts know what to expect."

Robbie Jorgensen, who is part of the prom court, is excited for the event.

"It makes me feel happy and I want to ask when I can sing the scale,'' Jorgensen said. "My friends in Circle of Friends classes have made me feel special."

It's been a dress up week at Fort Dodge as the Dodgers celebrated with Prom Spirit Days.

First it was Mr. Kent Monday, where kids wore their best bow tie and button up and dressed up like FDSH Assistant Principal Adam Kent.

Save the day Tuesday, had Dodgers dressing up in their most super costume, showing off their Dodger superpowers.

Dodgers wore their pajamas on Wake-up Wednesday.

Anything but a backpack Thursday had students holding their school supplies in the most creative case they could find.

Today the students will switch styles with a friend or favorite teacher and wear their look for the day.

Boro, who has been on the Fort Dodge wrestling team for four seasons, is excited about being on the court.

"This school and the wrestling team (including (Bobby) Mr. Thompson is really special to me, but being on the prom court makes me very proud."

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