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Little "Pigs" Invade Duncombe Elementary

October 3, 2012

Little “Pigs” Invade Duncombe Elementary

October 3, 2012, Fort Dodge, IA-  Seventy “little pigs” squealed with anticipation in the Duncombe Elementary gym as the annual Three Piggy Opera was performed by the first grade students dressed as little pigs with one as the Big Bad Wolf.

Students came forward to speak and the group performed several songs to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs.

Prior to the performance, teachers explained to parents in the audience various reading strategies that can be used to help young readers improve their skills. The Beanie Baby strategies for reading were shared. Eight Beanie Babies are used to assist the kids. For example, Chunky Monkey reminds students to break words into chunks to help them determine what the word is and Flippy the Dolphin encourages students to flip the vowel sound in a word. Each family was provided a packet of information to take home to use to help their child improve his or her reading skills. 

Teachers also shared how the Three Piggy Opera fits in with several areas of study for the first graders. The story offered students the opportunity to learn about where animals live, to practice public speaking, to do math around how many bricks could be bought for a set price, as well as to read several versions of the story and compare them. 

Following the performance, audience members were invited to the first grade classrooms where the students read pig stories to their family members. Each first grader also received a copy of The Three Techno Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, written by Duncombe third grade teacher, Kathy Kudron. 

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