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Miles of Pennies: Benefitting FDCSD Schools One Penny at a Time

April 28, 2023

A penny might not mean a lot to one person’s bank account, but for the Fort Dodge Community School District pennies will lead to new educational resources. Miles of Pennies, an annual school fundraising campaign, has proven just how far a penny can go.

This year Miles of Pennies will run from May 1-5. Miles of Pennies challenges students and staff at each school to collect loose change in order to meet their fundraising goal. Each school building keeps 100 percent of their funds raised, and will receive a $100 bonus from the Fort Dodge Community Schools Foundation if they reach their goal. Building administrators indicate what the funds will support. 

School             Goal                To Be Used For

Butler              $1500              Play Equipment for Recess

Cooper            $1200              Book Vending Machine or Playground Updates

Duncombe       $1600              Books

Feelhaver        $1000              Playground Updates

ECC                $1000              Recess Equipment

FDMS             $2000              Transition events

Scrounge up loose car change, empty out pockets, and look under couch cushions because together, pennies can positively impact Fort Dodge schools! Anyone wishing to contribute can drop donations off at the Central Office.       

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