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Miles of Pennies: Benefiting Our Schools One Penny at a Time

February 13, 2012

A penny might not mean a lot to your bank account, but to the Fort Dodge Community School District pennies may lead to new educational resources. Miles of Pennies, the Fort Dodge Foundation’s long standing fundraiser, has proven just how far a penny can go.

Miles of Pennies will run from Feb. 13 – 29. The fundraiser challenges students and staff at each building to collect loose change in order to meet their fundraising goal. Each school building gets to keep 100 percent of their funds raised along with a 100 dollar bonus if they reach their goal. 

With approval from the Foundation, building administrators and teachers indicate their educational needs and choose how their building’s money will be used. Over the past several years, Miles of Pennies has contributed to new technology, such as classroom Proximas, computer work stations, portable white board tablets, and library-media upgrades. The campaign has also helped purchase everything from leveled books for classrooms to locker shelves for winter boots.

Scrounge up your loose car change, empty out your pockets, and look under your couch cushions because together our pennies can positively impact our schools!

Fun fact: There are 84,480 pennies in a mile.


School 2011 Goal 2011 Amount Raised Miles of Pennies
Butler $1,250 $1,333.58 1.58 miles
Cooper $800 $1,215.74 1.44 miles
Duncombe $800 $807.88 0.96 miles
Feelhaver $750 $615.12 0.73 mile

(Competed in alternative fundraiser for 2011)

Fair Oaks $1,500 $3,020.74 3.58 miles
Phillips $2,011 $2,011.92 2.38 miles








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