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Moulin March: Marching Band to Perform Exhibition Today - from The Messenger

August 6, 2021

Anyone who has driven past the Fort Dodge Senior High School this week may have seen over 100 students marching in the field and heard the familiar tune of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."

Since Monday, the Fort Dodge High marching band has been participating in band camp to prepare for the upcoming season.

"Our show is 'Moulin Rouge,'" said band Director Al Paulson. ''We combined music from the musical and the movie and took elements from both. We do all our own arrangements and drills. It's ours, no one else has it."

Last year, the marching band was able to perform with some precautions in place.

"I had to do some mitigations as far as writing the show at 6-foot intervals apart,'' Paulson said. ''We were able to actually go and compete and we had our own small contest. We had state which was virtual so we pretty much had a semi-normal year."

The color guard also participates in band camp to prepare its routines.

"We have a very rookie-heavy guard this year,'' color guard Coach Mary Jo Laupp said.''Out of the 17 that will be on the field, 10 of them are new or new-ish."

Some members have previous guard or marching band experience.

Members of the band and color guard will travel to Memphis, Tennessee, later this year to perform for the Liberty Bowl.

Laupp said, "It's going to be an interesting year because normally we go from our fall show to our winter show where we have these really quick back to back shows, but then we've also got this Liberty Bowl trip coming up, so the guard will have to learn a third show. So it's going to be busy, but fun."

In addition to the regular marching shows, some members of the color guard will audition for a solo competition in December.

"We will have a select team that competes with a completely different show, completely different music, completely different costumes, and new choreography,'' Laupp said.

Laupp will have some extra help with all the different shows.

"The fun thing for me is this will be the second year that one of my alum, one of my colorguard girls, has come back to choreograph the show for me,'' she said. ''So now it's almost like I've gone from being her coach to her colleague in a sense, which is cool. It's fun to watch her develop those skills."

Laupp said she feels this will be a great season.

"I've got great leadership and a hardworking team,'' she said.'' I'm excited. It's going to be a good year and a fun show."

The marching band will perform an exhibition show today beginning at 3 p.m. in Dodger Stadium The exhibition show is open to the public, Paulson said.

"Parents and everyone can come,'' he said. ''Fill up the bleachers. Just come see what we've done."

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