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Over 1500 Food Items Donated Locally by FDSH Class

November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012, Fort Dodge, IA-  Students in the Understanding Social Systems class at FDSH are learning the value of helping others first hand. Through the civic action projects of three groups of students, over 1500 nonperishable food items and 20 turkeys were donated to local charities.

The civic action projects included a Haunted Hollow, gaming tournament and a “Cornucopia” event. Student Hanna Lara explained that the “Cornucopia” project was based off the concept of a giving tree. The group working on this project set a table up in the student center that had tags with food items such as canned good, boxed food, etc. written on them. Students were encouraged to pick up a tag and bring the item listed on it back to the table the next day.

“Slowly, day by day, we saw progress as more and more food items were placed on the table,” Lara stated. “The project was a good way for the community to see what we do as students and how we get involved. It made me feel better about myself and my school to know we’re helping someone in need.”

Representatives from the Beacon of Hope, Salvation Army and YWCA expressed their appreciation to the students for their efforts. Salvation Army Captain Ron Cook told the students there is a lot of need right here in the community. He said his organization has already served over 15,000 more meals than it did in 2011 and the year isn’t over yet.

After thanking the students, Susan Collins of the Beacon of Hope told them, “… there are lots of ways to give and keep going. Don’t let this be the last thing you do.”

Understanding Social Systems teacher, Todd Constable, said a civic action project is a requirement for the class. The projects allow students to work with other students and community members who have common interests. He said he was pleased with how the students worked together and got involved.

 “These kids are the future leaders of our community so it’s important for them understand the need to help their community,” Constable said. “These projects provided the students a positive experience and way to make a difference.”

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