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Parent Reading Day a Success at Feelhaver Elementary

November 15, 2012

November 14, 2012, Fort Dodge, IA-  Parents of children attending Feelhaver Elementary School were recently treated to a Parent Reading Day. Parents visited their child’s classroom where students demonstrated a portion of their reading program, attended a PBIS information session and enjoyed lunch with their student.

Kindergarten students demonstrated their reading program by reading a poem as a group. Strategies to help the students figure out words were shared with parents. The students use their “Eagle Eye” to look for clues, such as pictures, to what the word could be. “Lips the Fish” helps remind the students to get their mouths ready to make the letter sounds to say the word. 

First grade students read as many words on a list to their parents as they could in one minute. Parents kept track of how many words the students were able to correctly say on their first try. The goal for the students is to be able to do this work with their eyes and brains, not having to use their mouth to stretch the sounds of the word out before saying it. 

In a third grade room students shared with their parents how they use visualization and their own backgrounds to help them read and understand stories. Teachers explained how they have students retell stories in their own words to test their comprehension level. Teachers explained how in every grade accuracy, rate and expression are important components to being good readers.

Parents also attended an informational presentation on PBIS, a positive behavior reinforcement program. PBIS teaches kids to be kind, responsible, respectful and safe in their activities and interactions with others. The students were treated to a magic act by Larry Dunbar while their parents were at the PBIS presentation.

“We were thrilled with our parent participation for this event,” said Ryan Flaherty, Principal. “It’s important for parents to see and understand the reading strategies the students use so they can replicate them and encourage the students in their reading at home. Today provided an opportunity for parents to be engaged in their child’s learning, and they did just that.”

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