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Serving Up Strikeout: Adams Pitches to Boost FDSH Food Pantry - from The Messenger

December 18, 2021

The air whistled when Jalen Adams hurled a pitch across the Fort Dodge Senior High School gym on Friday. And when the ball landed in the mitt of Mariah Myers, a popping sound echoed throughout the room.

Adams, 18, a FDSH senior, throws hard. Her fastest in-game pitch was clocked at 66 mph. That's why the school's Student Athlete Advisory Committee hosted a "Holiday Hit-thon," where a select group of staff and students went to bat against the soon-to-be Iowa Hawkeye softball player.

Hits were few and far between as Adams mowed through the lineup. Myers, 14, a freshman, served as Adams' catcher. She was up to the challenge.

"It's alright," Myers said when asked what it was like to catch an Adams fastball.

Students were able to watch the athletic display if they donated a nonperishable food item to the school's food pantry. Local businesses have agreed to match food pantry donations for the pantries in the community.

Dozens of students filled the stands, an indication that the community's food pantries will be better off for the holidays.

"It's a fun way to fuel our food pantry," said Jennifer Lane, spokeswoman for the Fort Dodge Community School District.

Connor Carver, 16, a junior, was one of the batters brave enough to step in the box and face Adams.

But Adams, a state champion, didn't just throw straight heat. She mixed it up.

"The first one was a changeup," Carver said. "Second one was super fast. I got a piece of the fastball."

Carver walked away with a smile on his face even though he struck out.

Kadin Nekvinda, 16, a junior, did what he could. But Adams, the daughter of Dodger softball head coach Andi Adams, was too much.

"She can throw real fast," Nekvinda said. "It's terrifying."

Bre Drees, the school's athletic trainer, struck out her first time up.

She would later connect on a pitch near the end of the showing.

Some are still debating whether it would have been good for a base hit or if it would have been just another ground ball out.

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