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Sharing Holiday Cheer: Feelhaver Students Make Cards for Healthcare Workers - from The Messenger

December 18, 2020

After spending nine months of backbreaking work during a global pandemic, health care workers have more than earned some gratitude and joy this holiday season.

To help show some of that gratitude and spread some of that joy, Katelyn Jacobsen's third grade class at Feelhaver Elementary School spent some time on Thursday morning making holiday cards to send to health care workers at UnityPoint Health - Trinity Regional Medical Center.

"These doctors and nurses and staff have been working very, very hard," Jacobsen told her students.

The students sat at desks covered in construction paper, crayons, colored pencils and markers, writing notes and making illustrations. Some drew pictures of doctors and nurses; some drew Christmas trees and holiday lights.

Student Taeva Clayton wrote "Merry Christmas" in big white letters on the front of a black construction paper card.

"And then in the card, I'm putting 'Thanks for keeping people safe' and stuff," she said.

When the hospital staff receives their cards, they're going to feel "really happy" and "delighted" student Lylah Hill predicted.

"I'm thankful that they're doing all of this hard work for people who are sick," she added.

Student Hadley McKinney covered the front of her card with strings of red and green Christmas lights.

"They are working through a very tough time and people need to appreciate it," she said of the health care workers.

Once the cards are completed, Jacobsen will have them delivered to staff at TRMC.

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