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Taste of Broadway: FDSH's "Footloose" Performs at Civic Center - from The Messenger

July 7, 2022

Performing is second nature to some, but stepping on the big stage and showcasing your talent in front of peers and Broadway performers is a dream come true.

Recently, Fort Dodge Senior High students performed in the Iowa High School Music Theatre Awards Showcase at the Civic Center in Des Moines.

Fort Dodge Senior High performed "Footloose" as the school's 95th annual musical and received Outstanding Musical Production and Outstanding Ensemble.

"The showcase was an amazing experience and opportunity to see what it was like working with people who have the same dreams that I do,'' said senior-to-be Mikeal Campbell. "It was really eye opening and showed me just how badly I want to achieve my goals."

Lindey Krug, who was directing her first musical, loved the fact that her students were able to represent FDSH.

"I can't express enough what an amazing experience the IHSMTA showcase was for both the students and myself as their director,'' said Krug, who is a 1995 Fort Dodge Senior High graduate. "Getting to work with professional performers only allows them to elevate their skills and inspire them to continue learning and growing.

"I am very proud of the work they put on display as an ensemble and as individuals."

Then senior Malaney Butrick, juniors Campbell, Aaron Amhof and Grace Casicato were named Outstanding Performers in a Principal Role.

"It was such a surreal experience and I could not be more honored to have been a part of it,'' Amhof said. "I was given the opportunity to work with a Broadway music director and choreographer. I learned so much and being in the Broadway atmosphere was thrilling."

These four students represented Fort Dodge in the Triple Threat medley performance at the Civic Center.

"It's been my dream to participate in the Triple Threat Program ever since FDSH made it to the showcase for 'Big Fish' in 2019,'' Butrick said. "It was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. Having a chance to work with Broadway professionals while being surrounded by many other talented and supportive students from all across Iowa was an amazing learning experience for me.

"Everyone was so focused and driven and it pushed me to work harder and get better."

As juniors, Ryan Madden, Reese Pederson and Michael Wagner earned special recognition for Performance in a Principle Role.

The entire cast was invited to perform a piece they put together in the Civic Center as part of the Showcase.

Performing on the big stage was something that students in theater envisioned.

"My nerves and excitement were high the night of the showcase, but I was so excited to step out on the stage and show the audience what we had worked so hard to prepare,'' Butrick said. "The energy from the crowd was electric and fueled everyone's performance. It made the experience so much sweeter because I not only got to perform with all the amazing Triple Threat students, but I also got to do what I love with my 'Footloose' family and I'm so grateful for the opportunity.

"It was a great way to wrap up my senior year."

Being surrounded by theater students from the state of Iowa was a great experience, but being on stage with their classmates made it more special.

"Another part that made it so much fun was being around some of the best theater students in Iowa whom I've built strong relationships with while participating in the program,'' Amhof said. "The talent there was crazy and it pushed me to improve. This was a dream come true and I am excited for what may come next year."

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