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The Colors of Character - from The Messenger

October 26, 2015


Character Counts, especially at Feelhaver Elementary.

Students last week celebrated and learned about a different quality each day by wearing different colors.

Monday, students wore blue for trustworthiness, Branwyn Greathouse, Feelhaver instructor, said.

"Basically, we want to walk the walk and talk the talk, so do what you say you're going to do, be the person we can count on and trust," Greathouse said.

Students wore green on Tuesday.

"We wanted them to remember to be responsible," Greathouse said. "And with that we talked about the environment, as well as money."

On Wednesday, students wore orange for fairness.

The day coincided with the National Bullying Prevention Month Unity Day.

"Basically, we want you just to play by the rules," Greathouse said, "and make sure that everyone is nice to everybody and everyone that you meet."

Thursday, students wore yellow for respect.

"For respect, we want everyone to practice good manners and use only good words," Greathouse said.

And Friday, students wore purple or camouflage for citizenship.

"So make sure that you lend a helping hand and volunteer to do something to make the world a better place," Greathouse said.

The character and colors will continue into Red Ribbon Week.

"It's also drug prevention week, so we're going to wear red again and wear sweats," Greathouse said. "Because drugs are no sweat."

It is important for students to learn these qualities, Greathouse said.

"We want all kiddos to make sure they're kids of character," she said. "That's someone we definitely can trust, someone who is showing they're responsible, that they are respectful, that they are fair. And these are just traits we want all kids to have."

These characteristics aren't just taught for one week. The school year begins with demonstrations of such behaviors.

"We just make sure we're reteaching it and making sure that kids are aware of it," Greathouse said. "I think, lots of times, especially when we've got new kindergartners coming in, they have maybe not had a lot of experience with it and maybe don't know what some of the words mean."

Nancy Cross, Feelhaver principal, said she enjoys seeing her students exhibit these traits.

"When I see students modeling the characteristics of what we hope they will be as they grow up, that as they're doing it, others see that and it's kind of spontaneous, that is a positive for other children who maybe aren't sure what it's all about and they learn from their peers," Cross said. "It's an opportunity to emphasize the importance of those characteristics, those traits, to help children learn and grow to be the best they can be."

"The colors of character" The Messenger 26 Oct 2015: A8

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