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FDCSD Return to Learn Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be updated as we have answers to additional frequently asked questions. The newest information will be posted at the top. 

Are students allowed to bring a water bottle from home so they don't have to use the water fountains?

Yes, students will be allowed to bring a water bottle from home.  Water bottles need to be clear or translucent.  

If students must stay home due to a positive test or must quarantine due to exposure how will this affect their attendance?

Students who miss school due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or who must quarantine due to exposure will not have the days counted against them.  Students who are well enough and those in quarantine will be able to continue their learning using the At Home model while they are unable to attend school in person. 

If a student or staff member test positive for COVID-19 how will contact tracing work?

The District will communicate with Webster County Public Health.  Public Health will take the lead in contract tracing and determining any necessary quarantines.

For FDSH students taking ICCC college courses what will this look like?

FDSH students in the At School model will participate in courses like in the past.  Classes will still take place at FDSH with an assigned teacher. Should we move to the Hybrid or At Home model these courses would transition to online using Google classroom and Zoom.  Students beginning the year in the At Home model will only be able to take courses offered 100% online from ICCC. 

Will students using the At Home learning model be provided a technology device?

All students will be provided a device.  TK-2 grade students will each be provided an iPad.  3-12 grade students will each be provided a Chromebook. This will eliminate the need for shared devices at school and will have students prepared in the event we have to move to the Hybrid or At Home model for all students.

Will TK - 6 grade families have the option to participate in the technology cooperative loss program?

Yes. TK - 6 grade families will be able to sign up and pay for the cooperative loss program.  Details on how and when are being worked out and will be shared with families when they are available. 

What will the At Home learning model look like for students?

The At Home learning model will be mostly asynchronous, self-paced models for students in grades TK-12. We will use Edgenuity as the learning platform.  Students will also participate in Zoom meetings with teachers an At Home classmates. 

Can a family switch from At School learning to At Home learning mid semester or trimester?

Yes, a family can request to switch to At Home learning during the year.  The family will need to commit to At Home Learning through the semester (January 15) for TK through 8th grade students and through the trimester (November 17) for high school students.

Will At Home Learning be an option for preschool students?

No. Preschool is a voluntary program so At Home Learning will not be available. If the District must change to the At Home or Hybrid Learning Model, depending on the circumstances our preschool classrooms may continue to use the At School model for those families who wish to bring their children.

If a 7-12 grade student is learning through the At Home model while others are learning through the At School model, can he/she still participate in sports/extracurricular activities?

Yes. Students who are learning through the At Home model can still participate in athletics and extracurricular activities as long as they are taking place.

Can students with an IEP request At Home learning?

Yes, At Home learning can be requested for students with IEPs.  However, the request will not automatically be approved.  The decision will need to be made by the IEP team considering the accommodations needed by the student.  1:1 paras will not be provided to students with IEPs while learning At Home.

Will school start on time this fall?

Yes, regardless of which learning model is being used, school will start as scheduled on August 25. 

What learning model will be used when school starts on August 25?

As of July 13, the District is planning to begin the school year using the At School Learning Model.  This decision could change as the public health landscape changes. 

If the District is using the At School Learning Model is there an opportunity for students who do not want to return onsite to learn remotely?

Yes, students will have the option to use the At Home Learning Model. This model may use a combination of online and/or guidebook learning.  Families with TK-8 grade students will have to commit to using the At Home model through the first semester which ends on January 15. Families of high school students will have to commit to using the At Home model through the first trimester which ends on November 17. Families interested in this option will be able to sign up via a form in late July.  The deadline to request At Home learning will be August 10, 2020.  Students must be registered with the FDCSD for their At Home Learning request to be valid. 

How much notice will be given if the District needs to change which learning model is being used?

As we learned last spring, decisions are made and changed often.  Because of this we can not guarantee notice prior to a change in the learning model. Families may learn the night before a change occurs.  We encourage families to have plans in place for the use of all three models throughout the year. 

Will all schools/classrooms operate on the same learning model?

There is a chance that different buildings/classrooms could use different learning models at the same time.  The health landscape of each building/classroom will determine which learning model is used.  

Will the District require students and staff to wear face coverings?

Students and staff should wear a face covering when social distancing is not feasible. This is in accordance with CDC guidelines.  The District will be providing each student and staff member with a cloth face covering. Families may also provide their own face coverings. Donations of cloth face coverings will also be accepted at the Central Office. 

Will temperature checks be taken daily upon entry to school?

The District will not be taking temperatures as everyone enters the schools each day.  We encourage families to take their child's temperature before sending them to school.  Students and staff with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent home.  They will not be able to return to school until they have been fever free without the use of medication for 72 hours. 

Will students be socially distanced in schools?

Per the Department of Education's guidance, social distancing will be enforced as feasible in schools and on buses.



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