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Freshman Academy Course Descriptions

English 9 - 2 credits - NCAA Approved

This course will thematically be linked with World History, reading and writing about world cultures and exposing students to new perspectives.  English 9 will focus on Informational writing.  The language standards will be addressed through the writing component and speaking and listening standards will be embedded through the use of various discussion and collaboration opportunities.

Literacy - 1 credit

This course will focus on reading of literature that connects to world history and social issues. A main component of this course will include an emphasis on independent reading of self-selected texts.  Students will use anchor texts to study the craft of narrative writing and apply that to their own creative works.  Students will continue to be supported in speaking and listening standards as they are embedded through the use of various discussion and collaboration opportunities.

Algebra I - 3 credits - NCAA Approved

Algebra I is a three semester course consisting of Algebra I (2 semesters) and Conceptual Mathematics (1 Semester).  This course teaches the skills and concepts necessary to complete all other math courses at the high school and college level.  The course covers the Iowa Core set of essential skills and concepts starting with a review of the basic algebra tools such as: number properties, solving and rewriting equations and inequalities, order of operations, exponents, linear functions, and graphing on the coordinate plane.  The main focus of Algebra 1 is on problem solving using linear equations, radicals, polynomials, quadratic functions, solving systems of equations, functions, rational expressions, transformations, statistics, and probability.

Geometry - 2 credits - NCAA Approved - Prerequisite: Algebra I in Middle School

Geometry is for those desiring to advance their background in mathematics and/or planning to attend college. Topics covered relate to the Iowa Core Curriculum include transformations, geometric figures and their measurements, area, volume, and construction. Introduction to writing proofs, using similarity, right triangles, and trigonometry as well as continued use of algebra skills are included. A compass and protractor will be used, and a calculator is required.

Integrated Science I, II and III - 3 credits - NCAA Approved

Integrated Science: Earth & Space Science, Integrated Science: Chemistry, Integrated Science: Physics

This three-trimester course sequence is required for all freshman students.  Integrated Science is designed to provide the basis for meeting relevant science concepts and 21st Century Skills in the Iowa Core.  These concepts include science inquiry, force and motion, energy, states of matter, atoms and elements, chemical compounds and reactions, natural cycles and systems, communication, collaboration, and appropriate use of technology.

World Studies - 2 credits - NCAA Approved

This is a required 9th grade course that addresses Social Studies standards in literacy, inquiry, geography, economics, civics and history.  Students will utilize a variety of text types to understand issues through in-depth inquiry, engagement with diverse sources of information and technologies, deliberation of their own positions, and collaborative and constructive problem-solving activities.

Physical Education 9 - 1 credit

Physical Education 9-10 will place an emphasis on physical fitness. Each student will be exposed to the use of heart monitors and technology to monitor fitness activities. Students will participate in a variety of team activities, which may include soccer, softball, volleyball, aquatics, pickle ball, touch football, basketball and other fitness activities. Physical Education 9-10 must be taken before other Physical Education classes, and all 9th graders are required to take Physical Education 9-10.

Spanish I - 2 credits - NCAA Approved

Spanish I students will study the basic structural patterns of the language and Hispanic culture.  Throughout the course of the two trimesters, a usable vocabulary is developed.  Students will become aware of cultural beliefs, values, and sensibilities. Students will begin to recognize similarities/differences between their culture and that of others.  Membership in the World Language Culture Club is encouraged. Classroom work strives for a balance in written, oral, and listening practice to achieve mastery.

Extended Learning - 1 credit

This course offers a self-directed learning experience. Students are given the opportunity to investigate an area of interest, develop a personalized plan, and create learner directed work. Students will share/report findings. With successful completion of this trimester course, students will receive one elective credit, Pass/Fail. This course is not limited to TAG identified students however, to arrange this Independent Study please see TAG Adviser.

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