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Intro to Yoga

FDSH students learn to stretch and relax while participating in an introduction to yoga lesson during PE

Book Club

Members of the Feelhaver 4th Grade Book Club take turns reading a story together

Independent Work Time

FDMS students participate in some free reading and/or work time during class

The Number 5

Preschool students learn about the number "5" by writing it, spelling it, tallying it, and drawing five of something on their boards

Vowel Lessons

Students at Butler Elementary determined the words all have vowels and all have a vowel in each syllable during a literacy lesson


Cooper Elementary 4th graders work intently on a math lesson

Baking Basics

FDSH Introduction to Culinary students made cinnamon rolls from scratch during class

Middle School Math

FDMS 5th grade students work on a math lesson involving fractions

Literacy Lessons

A first grade student at Duncombe Elementary taps out the letter sounds while working with a teacher during a literacy lesson

Types of Soil

FDSH students in Intro to Agriculture completed a lab in the greenhouse to identify different types of soil

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