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As parents/guardians of a Fort Dodge Community School District student, we want to thank you for providing us the privilege of working with your child.  Our 500+ employees are dedicated to ensuring your student receives a top notch education by providing quality learning experiences and building relationships that develop productive citizens ready for their futures. We hope our website is a helpful resource for everything related to your child's experience in our schools. 

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Infinite Campus Portal is our tool for parents and students to access instant, online, timely and secure student information: class schedules, assignments, attendance, discipline, course registration for next year, report cards, transcripts and lunch accounts.  Campus Portal is a means to further promote educational excellence by enhancing communication with parents, students and teachers. Infinite Campus Parent/Guardian accounts will be required to complete the online registration process. Once you login to your infinite campus click the "More" button in the bottom left corner and it will take you to another screen where you will see Online Registration. This will allow you to start the registration process. To request an Infinite Campus account please provide proof of guardianship (birth certificate, court document, tax form, immunization records, etc.) at the Central Administration Building. Once the account is created an activation key will be emailed to the requester.  If you have questions, please call 515.574.5363.  Parents may also check/add to lunch account balances using Infinite Campus.  If you are not receiving email notifications regarding low lunch account balances and would like to, please contact the food service department at 515.574.5677.


School Safety Emergency Response Protocols

The FDCSD, in collaboration with local law enforcement and first responders, has adopted four standard response protocols for use in emergencies.  During an emergency, one or more of the following responses may be implemented. 

  1. EVACUATE: evacuate is used when there is a need to move students from point A to point B in an orderly fashion. A fire drill is an example.

  2. SHELTER: shelter is used when there is a need for personal or group protection.  A tornado drill in an example.

  3. SECURE the PERIMETER: secure the perimeter is used, often at the request of the police department, as a preventive measure when there is a threat outside/near the school. This response was formerly known as a lockout.

  4. LOCKDOWN: lockdown is used when there is a threat inside the school.

What can parents/guardians do to help our schools be prepared for an emergency?

  • Ensure your contact information is current in Infinite Campus.

  • Keep all medical information for your child up to date with the school.

  • Talk to your child about the need to follow directions in an emergency and to pay close attention during drills.

  • During an emergency, please do not come to or call the school. Listen for information, updates and instructions to come from the district.

Safe+Sound Iowa

Anonymously report threats to trained dispatchers 24/7. The dispatchers immediately engage in two-way communications with those raising concerns. They will reach out to the appropriate local school safety contact, law enforcement, or other community partners to address the situation.

There are three ways you can make a report:


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