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Saturday School

 For students who fail to follow the preferred procedure or who have missed but are significantly behind in their classes, will be required to attend credit restoration where they will receive the assistance they need to get course work made up. If a test or other activity cannot be arranged to be completed in class, before school or after school, the teacher may make the test available for the student to complete during Saturday School. For unexcused absences and truancies, the teacher may ask the student to complete makeup work at Saturday School or in credit restoration sessions held before and after school.

Saturday School meets from 8:00 to 11:30 AM at FDSH.  Check the sign posted at entrance door for room location on Saturday morning.  Donuts and juice are provided within a semi-structured environment.  Direct supervision is used for students who take any sort of assessment, but not when students work independently or in groups in completing course work. Students may bring IPods or other Mp3 devices and listen to music while they work.  Students must bring course materials to work on or a book to read. 

7th Block

When students experience difficulty in class or have been removed from class, they may enroll in an after school credit recovery program. Students may access this program in a couple of ways.

·         A student problem-solving meeting is held and options are discussed.

·         A student may petition for entry to regain credit lost due to excessive absences.

·         A student may visit with his/her counselor to discuss access to this program.

7th Block is offered Monday-Tuesday-Thursday from 3:30 to 5:00 PM and provides a variety of educational opportunities which may include electronically delivered courses, alternative assignment, make-up work, and various enrichment activities. A log of student work completed and level of competency reached will be documented and reviewed periodically by staff.

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