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Job Opportunities

CREDIT - One credit is earned for successfully completing a course that meets the equivalent of one 60 minute period per day over a 60 day term.  The 3600 minutes is in line with the current Carnegie System used by the state of Iowa and equates to ½ Carnegie Unit.  (1 FDSH Credit = ½ Carnegie Unit)

ELECTIVE – A subject or course that may be chosen for study as distinguished from courses which are required for graduation.

PRE-REQUISITE – Specific preliminary requirements must be successfully completed in order to advance to the next course of a sequence within certain disciplines.  “Successfully completed” means that a student should have a passing grade of A, B, C or D.  The purpose of a prerequisite is to help ensure that students will be successful in subsequent courses.  This will facilitate in the preparation of planning for desired goals in education.  Exemptions may be made through a conference with the parents, students, teacher, counselor, and administrator.

CO-REQUISITE – A course that may be taken simultaneously with another.  For example: in the Vocational Education programs, the class instruction must be taken simultaneously with the on-the-job training.

REQUIRED COURSE – Any course required for graduation 


A = 4.0000          B- = 2.6667          D+ = 1.3333

A- = 3.6667         C+ = 2.3333         D = 1.0000

B+ = 3.3333        C = 2.0000           D- = .6667

B = 3.0000          C- = 1.6667          F = 0.0000 

ZERO HOUR – Traditionally only Vocational Education classes have been offered at this time.  We have Music & Physical Education this year.  Other courses may be offered Zero Hour depending upon interest.

INDEPENDENT STUDY – A means by which a student may pursue, in depth, a course previously taken.  For example; if a student has done well in and wishes to continue beyond the objectives of the course he/she may develop a contract with the instructor to work on an extended basis or an additional semester.

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